Monday, August 10, 2009

Please Meet Milton and Myrtle Muckle

Some loser dumped these poor things out on the road yesterday and they were walking down the asphalt! It was 100 degrees out. Imagine the pavement! Poor things were hot and thirsty and distressed. My brother found them and caught them pretty easily and brought them to me. I fed them and watered them and they are recovering nicely. We have lakes and a river not far from here where they could have been released. Why would someone dump them on a roadway?

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tina said...

Awwww! Maybe they were just lost. Either way it is nice you are taking care of them. Too cute.

Phyllis said...

I'm glad you're taking care of these two. They'll be quite happy on a lake!

Funny about your lifesaver ring with my name!

Meadowview Thymes said...

You are so wonderful to take them in. I don't want to think someone did this on purpose. Cute little things..are you taking them to a lake near by?

My Little Family: said...

a***oles! thank you for taking care of them.

CiNdEe said...

Hi Tina,
They were surely lost. Poor things. Their feet were burned.)-:

Hi Phillis,
I am happy to have them!
It is strange that I just got the lifesaver on Saturday with your name!(-:

Hi Meadowview Thymes,
We get chickens all the time on the road. People dump animals there all the time. It is so sad)-:

Hi My little Family,
I know!!!!!!

flowergardengirl said...

That breaks my heart and it was meant for you to care for them. I am worried that they suffered ill will in the loser's care. I sure hope not. It is one thing to drop them off but why did them have them in the first place?

CiNdEe said...

Hi flowergardengirl,
I know it was really sad to see them. I am glad they are here and getting the right care(-: I am guessing that they got baby ducks for Easter for their kids and of course they grew up! No one wanted them anymore. SO out they go like the garbage. I see it all the time.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Poor things. Lucky your brother found them. It's so sad what people do to animals.

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

They are sweet. :) Thank goodness your brother found them and rescued them! I hope their feet heal well.

It is so sad that people can be so cruel and think they can just toss out their pets and expect them to survive like wild animals.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

The poor things. Thank goodness your brother found them and brought them to you for a chance to live. It is amazing how cruel people can be.


Dawnie said...

That is horrible. You have a good heart! :)