Friday, July 10, 2009


Happy Fertilizer Friday!
Its time to fertilize with your favorite plant food. For all you thrifty garderners out there, this is like MiracleGro at half the price. From KMart.(-:

And, Yes, it is made in America! I love a bargin and this stuff really works the same as the more expensive brand name. But don't take my word for it, check out my blooms today...(-: And, NO this is not a paid advertisement, but if they want to send me some free fertilizer I would be happy to use it(-:

Be sure to stop by Tootsies and check out all the wonderful flowers today!!!!

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pammiejo said...

LOVE your flowers, Cindee! What's the name of the tiny red daylily-like flowers - I have some of those but have forgotten their name? PAM

Tootsie said...

good morning sunshine!!! I am so happy to see you link in again...your garden is growing so beautiful!!! I wish we had a K-Mart here!!! thanks for the tip!
enjoy your weekend in your pretty garden friend!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Everything is so pretty.

RainGardener said...

Hey Cindee everything looks beautiful so that K-Mart brand must be doing it's job. I'd better try some. What's the peach colored flower 2nd from the bottom? Love that!

Jamie and Randy said...

You always have such pretty blooms! We don't fertilize like we should. I need to bump it up.--Randy

siteseer said...

Beautiful blooms! Gonna have to find a KMart! Gotta go search now for how to make that tippy pot thing lol.

Brighid said...

Goodness gracious, your a bloom'n wonder. Thanks for the fert tip. I will give it a try. The deer ate all my agapanthus, daylily, canas, and racked the crape myrtle. I could be the n calif test garden for deer food. LOL

Outside In said...

Beautiful blooms, especially the cannas. Happy FF!


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Your crepe myrtles are fantastic! I recently switched to MaxiCrop, my landscaper suggested it. It's a liquid, so it's bit messier than I'm used to, but so far I'm liking it pretty well.

JOE TODD said...

Thanks for the tip. I always like to save some money. My wife and I just go back from LilyFest and did a blog post on it. I got a couple pretty nice flower shots.. Take care Joe Todd

Meadowview Thymes said...

Your flowers look so good Cindee. The heat (not lack of water) is killing mine, not to mention all the bugs! Ugh! Looks like the temp is pretty nice in your area right now.

Stacey said...

Cindee, I'm so glad to find your blog. I just have to say WOW! Haven't ever seen that fertilizer here in Edmond, Oklahoma. I just use Miracle Gro or Super Bloom. It's just too hot here now for much blooming. We are happy that everything is living...with lots of water poured on.

Kudzu said...

Beautiful!! I use the Walmart version myself, and you're right, it's just as good :D
Those are just gorgeous! What is the last one, with the lavender fluff of blossoms on top of a stalk??? I tried to find the name of those, too lazy to research it, and the people that have them at yard sales I go to had no idea what they were! So, last month, I asked a lady who had a wheelbarrow full of them what they were..she didn't know...BUT she gave me a set:D I don't know where they sell these around here, but here's hoping mine live, yay!

~~Rhonda said...

Cyndee, thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms. I enjoyed them! Your crepe myrtles are well ahead of ours. ~~Rhonda

Lola said...

Great looking flowers Cindee. You have a lot blooming. That stuff must work. Maybe I need to check in to that.
What is the name of the canna that has striped leaves with orange bloom?
Mine just bloomed for the first time. I had moved it from a pot to the soil this Spring. I can't remember the name.

Teresa said...

Looks like it works well. Love the cannas. In fact all your flowers are just beautiful.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

The canna is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on the fertilizer. It's definitely working - everything you have lots awesome! -Jackie

CiNdEe said...

Hi pammiejo,
Thanks! The little red flowers are Crocosmia.

Hi Tootsie,
Thanks (-: I hope you have a great weekend too!!!

Hi Japanese Redneck,
Thank You!

Hi RainGardener,
That flower is brugmansia. You could probably grow it there. Its really a tropical plant and hates the heat here but I baby it along(-:

Hi Randy,
I am a believer in fertilizing every week now!!!

Hi Brighid,
Turn on a radio at night for those deer. Tune into a Talk Radio station and turn it up loud enough for them to hear from a distance. It works! I used it one summer and infact put out two radios and never had another deer visit!

Hi Outside In,
Thank You!!!

Hi Siteseer,
Thanks for stopping by! The tipsy pots are easy to make and fun too!

Hi Nola,
I have not heard of that type of fertilizer before. I know these liquid ones take forever to put on but I really think they do work wonders!

Hi Joe Todd,
I just checked out your trip pictures. That looked like a great place to go to!

Hi Meadowview Thymes,
Yes that heat will fry things here too. We had a reprieve from the heat this week but its coming back I hear! )-:

Hi Stacey,
Thanks for stopping by!!!! It has been nice this past week here but suppose to get hot next week. Things just fry in that heat!

Hi Kudzu,
Those plants are agapanthus. They grow like weeds here. They love the heat! I love them(-: We are best There is also one called Dark Knight or something like that. It is dark dark purple. Just beautiful! I have one but its still adjusting so has not bloomed yet!

Hi Rhonda,
Thanks for stopping by! The crepe myrtles are all starting to bloom here now!

Hi Lola,
That canna is called Tropicana!

Hi Ellie Mae's ottage!
Thanks!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Wonderful...I love all of these shots of all of your flowers...

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cindee, you have so many pretties in your beds.Is the pink one a zinnia or a dahlia? I love the blooms.

And your money back guarantee on the fertilizer.How would you go about proving it didn't work well for you with all those pretty blooms ;-)

Kudzu said...

Thank you,Cindee! I hope mine starts growing a little more. For now I have the clump she gave me in a huge planter, I need to keep it watered more, but I forget! Very bad because it's been so hot!

Brenda said...

Nope, my blooms don't look like that at all! We don't have K-Mart...

CiNdEe said...

Hi Thoughtfully Blended Hearts,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a coment on my blog!

Hi Hocking Hills Gardener,
Those pink flowers are zinnas(-: They are about three weeks old now(-: Doing pretty good!!! They do look a lot like dahlias!

Hi Kudzu,
I hope they grow for you too! I don't see why they wouldn't they are pretty hardy!

Hi Brenda,
No KMart? OMG what do you do??? LOL (-:
Well I guess you will have to get the MiracleGro then(-:

Tootsie said...

Just got my baby to sleep...FINALLY..when you left that seems the 24-7 entertainment is literal!!! ha ha

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee girl ! Your fertilizing REALLY WORKS ! LOL
I wish I could remember to do it as often as you do .. my pots would have been better looking ! : )

Jessica said...

I saw your temperature is 69 degrees.....I don't think we will see that again until December....triple digits again today. I'm staying inside. :)

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for coming by!

Amelia said...

Beautiful flowers!!! I SO MISS my garden back home! Ugh! I will just have to enjoy yours. :)

perennialgardener said...

I buy the store brands all the time, you get the same product without paying for the fancy name. Your blooms don't know the difference, their gorgeous! ;)

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

Yes, they do look fantastic! I agree that the K brand is just as good. Ratios are ratios!

Sue said...

Nice blooms!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindee-- I really like the "totems" even though I wouldn't call them that. I'm trying to examine them to see how you do it. What type of glue... What type of pole ... how does it stay????Those are the best garden decorations ever...BES