Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spot Has A New Home

Thanks to my brother, Spot has a new home! Doesn't he look happy here?
Spot is the Agave.(-: See the pretty spots he has?(-:
I stuck a few other succulents in the rescued old stock tank with Spot to keep him company(-: While a kitty stands gaurd(-:

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perennialgardener said...

What a great rescue find and Spot looks very happy in his new home. ;)

pammiejo said...

I like all your pots and your succulents! PAM

My Little Family: said...

I'm always amaized by Agava's when they send up those 20 ft bloom spikes. I just had a thought - what if my orchids did that??? Yikes!!!!

CiNdEe said...

Hi perennialgardener,
Thanks! The old stock tank made a great new home for a succulent garden(-:

Hi pammiejo,
Thank You!

Hi My Little Family,
Spot has not bloomed before! I just got him last year when he was a baby(-:
Your orchids are so beautiful!!!

Tootsie said...

love the container!!! your plants are so healthy looking...great post! Spot looks like the bell of the ball in his/her new digs!

This Eclectic Life said...

The baseball cactus is awesome! I've never seen one before. Great photos, Cindee!

Sandy said...

Great use for a stock tank - it looks wonderful. Love all your succulents and cactus and the contains you put them in. Great ideas.


flowergardengirl said...

Yes I do like it very much. Goes with the rest of the awesome personality on your site.

Sue said...

My son likes agaves. I just remembered he was going to give me one. They get awfully big, though, and I would have to find room for it over the winter. I bet yours will live there fine all year.