Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~Chocolate Mint

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cherry said...

SWEET! really cute.
hugs, Cherry

Gail said...

Great idea! have a good day! gail

Kathleen said...

too perfect! You're a genious!!

RainGardener said...

I can't believe you never quit running out of ideas. It is really cute Cindee. How do you think these things up. I have a hard time trying to remember what shoe goes on what foot in the morning - so I don't wear shoes (in the house) let alone try and think of something creative.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a great idea. Too cute. Stealing it soon.

CiNdEe said...

Hi Cherry,
Hi Gail,
Hi Kathleen,
Hi RainGardener,
Hi Aunt Debbie,
Thanks for your comments!
This was a gift from my Dads GF. She had the 4 inch plant stuck into the can not planted yet. I just poked a few holes in the bottom of the can and filled with soil and topped with a bit of moss! It really does smell like a Ghirardelli Mint Chocolate bar to me(-: Don't tell Hershey though...(-:

Meadowview Thymes said...

How cute is that!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

What a riot! Very cute idea! I saw your glass plate flowers the other day, and didn't have time to leave a comment, but thought they were really neat. You are so talented!

pammiejo said...

That is SO cute!! I wish I would think to do that kind of stuff!! PAM

CiNdEe said...

Hi Meadowview Thymes,
Thanks for stopping by(-:

Hi Jan,
Thank You! The plate flowers are fun to make I am finishing a couple more and then thats it for me! They take to much time(-:

Hi PammieJo,
Thanks. My dads GF is very creative(-: She thinks of great ideas!!!

flowergardengirl said...

Now that is way to smart! I love it.

CiNdEe said...

Hi flowergarden girl,
Thanks! Glad you liked it!!!!