Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trash 2 Treasure

Old metal bands from those pesky whiskey barrels. What to do when the whiskey barrel falls apart? Don't throw those things away...Instead make a cool garden sphere!
Its as easy as getting out your handy drill and drilling two holes in each band and bolting them together. Took me about 15 mins. Piece of cake. Here is what it looks like when finished...

Just drill holes on the opposite side of each ring and line up the holes on one end and bolt those together. Next line up the holes on the other end and bolt those together. I used a eye hook on one end so I could hang it if I wanted, like this other one I made a few years ago...

These ones were rusty when I made it. Some come with the galvanized rings which will not rust as much as in the first picture!
Also I used 6 rings in both of mine. You could use 3 instead.

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My Little Family: said...

Great idea! And, it looks good too. Like something from one of those expensive gardening supply catalogs. My mind was wondering with filling it with moss and succulents, etc.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh this is such a wonderful trash to treasure idea!

cherry said...

Oh my goodness I dragged home 2 of these barrels that a neighbor threw out. They sat in the backyard for weeks because they fell apart time I got them home..lol I just last weekend allowed the hubby to throw them away !!! This is a cool idea this is why we should never throw anything away ..lol
hugs, Cherry

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee ! how cool is this ! .. it looks like the tops of some obelisks I have seen but much better .. can you make one for me and sling shot it over here please ? LOL .. I don't see as many whiskey barrels as I used too .. perhaps because people are taking the metal rings out to make these great "balls" ? LOL

mothernaturesgarden said...

How creative you are to come up with this idea.

mothernaturesgarden said...

How creative you are to come up with this idea.

Jamie and Randy said...

Now that is the coolest trash to treasure idea I believe I have ever seen. Now... where am I going to find the rings... hmmmm. --Randy

RainGardener said...

Cindee that is a fantastic idea. Did you just think it up? Too much talent here I can see that!

tina said...

A perfect use and very nice!

perennialgardener said...

What a clever way to reuse them & you saved they from ending up in a landfill!

Dirt Princess said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

You think of all these neat things. I shudder to think what all I've thrown away because I didn't think it had any use. And you could have done all sorts of stuff with!

CiNdEe said...

Hi My Little Family,
Thanks(-: There are endless possibilities with this project(-:

Hi Cori,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for me!!(-:

Hi Cherry,
I am sorry you threw the barrels out before you were able to see this idea...(-: Now you will know what to do with them next time!!!

Hi Joy,
They are quite heavy not sure how far I could shoot one in a sling shot...lol(-:

Hi Mothernaturesgarden,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!!!!(-:

Hi Randy,
Thanks. I bet you will find some rings somewhere! Now is the time people are cleaning out their garages and having sales..(-:

Hi RainGardener,
I am not sure where the idea came from. A few years ago my brother helped me make one.(-:

Hi Tina,

Hi Brenda,
You would be surprised at what someone can make out of junk(-:

Kathleen said...

This is a FABULOUS idea Cindee!!!! I would love a couple hanging around especially if there was some way to add candles inside the center??? You are way too creative ~ I need to hang out here more and maybe it will rub off on me!

flowergardengirl said...

My goodness girl, you have a ton of talent. I've enjoyed catching up tremendously. I do brag on you quite a bit and send folks your way. There are a lot of wineries around my house. I'll see if I can get some rings.