Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Garden Item

I went to the nursery yesterday and found this cute little candle holder for the garden. Of course I had to buy it since I love stars. It goes perfect with my stars and rabbit garden area. The best part? It was under 10 dollars(-: Have a happy Saturday! I am off to do some Spring cleaning now!!!


RainGardener said...

That is really cute - I'd have never thought to put a candle in the garden but it works!
I'm going to ask once again - I've asked in a few different places and never gotten an answer probably because you haven't seen it. LOL
You have a shoe flower bed and it looks really nice. I have a vintage roller skate from a friends skating rink and I planted semps in it. But it's falling apart. Do you coat your shoes with anything or do anything special to preserve them in the garden?

Laura said...

Nice candle holder and not a bad price at all!

Sheila said...

Very charming!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee you are finding some great stuff girl ! and the prices aren't bad either .. it will weather really nicely : )

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Cindee, what a cute addition to your garden. Love the blue.

perennialgardener said...

What a cute addition to your garden Cindee! Have a nice weekend & enjoy your spring cleaning. ;)

CatHerder said...

OOH I love it..and as always, more enjoyable when you get a good buy!

Rick said...

Now you just need a long lasting candle to put in to help hold it down from the spring winds. Best place I have found for long long long lasting candles is a Catholic supply house and their prayer alter candles.

My grandmother used to always have "grandmother shoes" in her garden. She never did anything to them, just planted them up. But eventually they all rotted down. Cowboy boots last a long time, shoes from Shoe Express not so much.

Paris said...

Cindee...I love love love LOVE your new garden item!! Cute!

Hope you are doing well.


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I went into Michaels a few hours ago, armed with a 50% off coupon. And do you know I walked the aisles for hours, not able to find anything I was really crazy about? Amazed myself. Finally I picked out an apothecary jar, just because I didn't want to waste it!

cindee said...

Hi RainGardener,
I did get your message on the forum and I was a little late answering you. Sorry about that. I don't check in over there as often as I should!!
I don't coat my shoes at all. I just leave them as is and plant plants in them. They do rot away after a few years but I think it adds to the fun of the shoe garden.(-: Plastic shoes last a lot longer then leather shoes do. Kinda weird but leather shoes tend to buckle and pull apart at the seams. Then again that also looks pretty cool I think.(-: I have several skates in the shoe garden and some have held up and others are rotted. When I go to the thrift stores if I see skates I always get more(-: They are so fun to display I think!

Hi Laura,
Thanks! I thought it was a good deal too!

Hi Sheila,

Hi Joy,
I have been lucky this year! I love finding good deals(-:

Hi HockingHills Gardener,
It does have a nice color of blue(-:

Hi PerennialGardener,
Thanks! I did so much yesterday! I got all my windows washed and the curtains washed and ironed and re hung up! I was very happy with my day of Spring Cleaning!!!!

Hi CatHerder!
Thanks! It is always fun to get a good deal on something I want!!

Hi Rick,
I am not sure if I will burn a candle in it but if I do I will look for a long burning one like that! Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Paris,
Thanks for stopping by!! I am doing o.k. how are you doing? I hope well. I will stop by soon!!!

Hi Brenda,
I hate when I can't find something and I have a 50% off coupon! Last fall I kept going back everyday to get Halloween stuff. It was really fun. Since then I haven't found anything really great there. I usually just buy some paint or something I am going to need later.