Monday, April 20, 2009

Cactus Monday

I wanted to do Cactus Mondays but then I realized almost all my plants are succulents. So now I am thinking I should join a Succulent Sunday Meme. Does anyone know of one? Anyhow I will do this Monday Meme with my beautiful Grandaflora Keston Sempervivum. I just potted it into this lovely rusty metal planter last week and I thought it looked pretty darn cool(-: You know I love RUST!!!! Happy Cactus Monday everyone!!!

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Jenns Three Graces said...

Cindee - where did your knowledge of plant varieties come from girl? I read your blogs and emails and I'm stunned! By the way - I need you to email me your email to email you my address! I bought a new herb for my garden - Pineapple Mint - of course you've heard of it - silly me! Hugs, Jennifer

Julie said...

Hi Cindee...I have mostly all succulent plants, but I still love my fellow Cactus Monday peeps!!! Please stay with us!!!

Happy CM!

CiNdEeS' GaRdEn said...

Hi Jenn,
Thanks. I just learn as I go(-: Trial and Error so to speak(-: I commented on your blog with my addy!!

Hi Julie,
I didn't know if it was o.k. that all I really have is succulents! I have a couple cactus but of course they are not blooming yet! I will stay if you want me too!!(-:

Paris said...

Love your flower meme! :) I just bought a few to put out on my new deck. It is starting to feel cozy...

Teri C said...

I love that rust and little succulents!! And yes, we want you to stay and have fun with us. Cactus don't have to be blooming to be shown off! Have at it!!

Happy Cactus Monday!

perennialgardener said...

That planter is the perfect container for your succulants Cindee!!! :)

yoon see said...

Happy Cactus Monday to you dear Cindee.
I just have cactuses at the moment but also love succulent plants. Yours love great.
Happy cactus Monday:)

marianne said...

Hi Cindee
Welcome new cactuteer!
Julie is a succulent lover as well, but one of our best cactuteers!
So don´t give up
I had only a Christmas Cactus when I joined. It is fun!

deepazartz said...

Its too confusing to spell it...But its TOO COOL A PICTURE!
The rusty metal's exquisite...looks antique to me. Its BEAUTIFUL:)

flowergardengirl said...

I don't have a cactus but do have some Hens and Chicks. I agree with Jenns Three--you are a whiz at plant knowledge. That's a grand container with the lacy pattern. You have the coolest stuff!

Jenns Three Graces said...

Cindee - so many people love rust don't you agree? I'm off to yard sales tomorrow monring to look for some! Jennifer