Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Faced Tuesday

We went to a local Home and Garden Show on the weekend and I bought this sunface. I was not impressed at all with the show. There was nothing to see that interested me. Mainly, it was just advertising displays of home items. Even a Funeral Home had a display! The garden displays were basically stone garden items and a few fountains set up. There was even a pond set up on a small trailer that was portable. I guess that was so they could transport it around to shows? There were a few swimming pools on display. They were the pop up kind and the pre-fab kind. It was nothing like I have seen online of other cities shows. There is another one this weekend and I won't be going because it looks like more of the same. I will just continue to look at everyone elses wonderful photos and enjoy them! Keep posting those pictures! I love seeing all the cool stuff at your home and garden shows!

Here is a little face I bought online a few years ago.

I had to throw in some Dutch Iris that were blooming today too!

Also some Wood Hyacinth


perennialgardener said...

Love the new sun face and the one playing peek a boo is a riot! lol No signs of blooms yet from my Dutch Iris & Wood Hyacinths, you are way ahead of me. :)

Jacque said...

Screen doors and spas! That is all we had at our home & garden show here, it was a waste of time and money! I have been to some that are great, Seattle and San Francisco have good ones, they are called flower and garden shows, maybe we have to avoid the "home" ones if we want plants and yard art~Jacque
* I think the squirrels ate my Iris?

cindee said...

Hi perenialgardener,
Thanks(-: It is so fun to see the blooms after so long!!(-:

Hi Jacque,
I think you are right. If it says home and garden avoid it at all cost!(-:
Oh no those naughty squirrels!