Monday, March 23, 2009

Racking My Brain

Does anyone remember seeing a beautiful bed frame planter filled with ornamental grasses? I saw it on here somewhere and now I can not find the picture. The grasses formed a sort of "bed spread" look. If you are the one with that picture on your blog or you know where it is can you please post a link? Thanks! Have a great Moanday!!!


RainGardener said...

Oh yah I remember that.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. sorry , I don't remember that one. But I love this face .. very cute ! .. although I think he needs an aspirin maybe ? LOL

tina said...

No, I can't remember. That statue looks like he is pain!

Donna at Suburban Sanctum said...

I remember this one from the Chicago Flower & Garden show ( -- scroll to bottom), but it doesn't have grasses in it. Hope you find what you're looking for!

Paris said...

Hmm...don't remember that one. Good luck in finding it!! :)

Happy Monday!

Tootsie said...

no idea what you are talking about...but that face is what kind I am making today!!! trying to figure out what to plant into my planters, and how many to do...good luck finding that photo

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I don't recall that. I've seen beds with flowers. But not with grasses. Sorry.

cindee said...

Hi RainGardener,
Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Joy,
Thanks, that poor guy looks like he had a rough day doesn't he?(-:

Hi Tina,
The little man face is having a hard time remembering things(-:

Hi Donna,
I saw that one bed too. It was really pretty! I hope I can find the grass one I will post a picture if I do!

Hi Paris,
Thanks(-: I hope you have having a good day!!!

Hi Tootsie,
I hope you figured out your planters!!! I am sure they will be just beautiful. I can't wait to see them(-:

Hi Brenda,
I will post a picture of it if I find it(-: It was so pretty(-: