Friday, March 6, 2009

Mossy Friday


pammiejo said...

I love that look. I don't have nearly that "good" of moss growing on the trees in our back woods but we do have some - wish I could move some of it into the yard. I swear I'm seeing it "green up" here in central Kansas - I'm lovin' it! Hurry-up, Spring! PAM

flowrgirl1 said...

how i want to kick off my shoes and walk on moss. It is so gorgeous and soft. I have always wanted a moss garden after reading about one in a garden mag many years ago.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. you are not going to believe this ..but I also posted on moss today .. I'm going to add this to my post so these pictures can be appreciated because you and Wiseacre have wonderful nature ones , while I have patio brick moss ! LOL

My Little Family: said...

I love moss and lichen. Reminds me of the Pacific northwest.

WiseAcre said...

Jeeze, now I'm going to have to go back to Joy's and thank her for linking to you. Being a nature boy I love the images.

I would love to hike around that area. Even more so since it's snow free. It's surprising on how similar the area looks to around here even though we're 3000 miles apart.

I did get a chuckle seeing zone 9 Northern since I'm zone 3 'southern' :)

This Eclectic Life said...

WOW! Those pictures are awesome. I love the tree with the HUGE burls at the bottom. Nothing like that around my neck of the woods...thanks for sharing it.

Cinj said...

Moss is so wonderful, isn't it? Ours is still buried under the snow. I'm sure it will peek out soon. I just love those trees covered in moss.

cindee said...

Hi Pammiejo,
I have some moss that grows on the ground under a couple trees and a few places in the yard but not as nicely as it does in the mountain areas around here. I wish it would. I think it is so pretty!

Hi flowrgirl1,
It is soft. It would be fun to walk on(-:

Hi Joy,
That is so funny we both had a moss posting! Great minds think alike?(-: I checked out wiseacres too(-:

Hi My Little Family,
I love moss and it grows here well in the winter. When it gets hot though it all dries up)-:

Hi WiseAcre,
Thanks for stopping by(-: The pictures are from an area East of here about 30 miles. It does get snow there but not like it does where you are! We have mountains all around us though so there is plenty of the white stuff to look at from here(-: I am in the nothern end of California. Some people say they are in Northern California when they live in Sacramento. So I guess that means I am in the Far Northern part(-:

Hi This Eclectic Life,
I will have to take pictures of the summer in that same spot...big Everything is so pretty and green this time of the year(-:

Hi Cinj,
Thanks(-: It is pretty. I really love seeing the different ways it grows on things(-:

Skeeter said...

I assume this is Bear Creek where you showed us beautiful mossy rocks a while back...?.... It is a beautiful place of nature!