Monday, March 2, 2009


I purchased these two gargoyles about 25 years ago from a nursery that was going out of business. They are cement. Joy has a few watching over her garden so be sure to stop by and see them too!


perennialgardener said...

Beautiful guardians for your garden Cindee. You & Joy are the queens of Gargoyles. ;)

Gail said...

Fantastic! I love gargoyles...they have a certain je ne sais quoi! gail

This Eclectic Life said...

I love gargoyles, too! I have one tiny one, but have never been fortunate enough to find big ones. I'll keep looking.

Wish I could come for a walk in your garden!

Jacque said...

Just dropped by to say hi! Very wet here so can't garden, so looking at everyone else's gardens, take care ~ Jacque

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. it took another cup of coffee before I got here girl : )
Gotta' love the gargoyle aspect of gardening and you are doing a great job girl ! .. Queen (shared) of gargoyles ... hum .. does that say something about my inner child or outer old person ? LOL

cindee said...

Hi perennialgardener,

Hi Gail,
Gargoyles are fun(-:

Hi Shelly,
I think you find the most at Halloween time. I saw a lot of them at Target this past Halloween!

Hi Jacque,
Thanks for stopping by! It is raining here too!

Hi Joy,
Queen of the Gargoyles(-:
We are all children at heart in the garden with the knowledge and experience of a "seasoned" adult. (-: