Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Memory of Lucy

This is picture of Lucy. She was my first dog. Lucy was an Australian Shepherd Lab cross and was the sweetest most loving dog. She would never leave my side except if I threw her ball for her and then she would go retrieve the ball and come right back. I knew her mother from the day we moved into our new home and I also met her father a time or two.(-: We called him Man About Town because he use to run the neighborhood in search of fun! He was a black lab.
Lucys mother Dolly was my neighbors dog and would come over everyday to get treats and hugs. I followed her pregnancy and looked forward to getting my own puppy. After Lucy moved to our house Dolly continued to come over to nurse her and get treats and hugs from us. They were very attached until one day when Dollys owner gave her to a new home. I didn't know she had been given away or I would have taken her too. She was so pretty and just as sweet as can be. Lucy passed away in 1984 during a routine Spaying. Of course no dog can take another dogs place but as time moved on I did get a new dog.

Jack of course is my newest best friend(-: We adopted him from the Haven Humane Society. (-:


Cinj said...

Our Angel is a lab shepard mix too. Mom was a purebred yellow lab and dad was a black lab/Austrailian Shephard mix. I'm so glad that the family let mom have her babies. The vet reccommended that she have an abortion.

She's the best, but I'm sure we all think that of our pets. No two pets are ever alike though. It's good to remember our sweeties. Jack is very lucky to have found an owner like you.

Renna said...

Cindee, I just got through reading your comment about Lucy on Two humans, three dogs, and a cat. I was nearly in tears. It made me remember when I lost my little Sissy, suddenly and tragically. She was a min-doxie/chi. I nearly grieved myself sick when she was hit and killed by a motorcycle. I've lost many dogs since then, and grieved over them all. It's like losing a member of the family. :-(

My Little Family: said...

Thanks for posting Lucy. As hard as it was to let Chloe go, at least I knew it was coming. To lose a dog during a routine spay would be devistating. She may have had a short life but apparently it was a terrific one! Vickie

cindee said...

Hi Cinj,
I actually think a mixed breed makes the best pet. Don't tell Jack that though(-: Mainly because they don't seem as hyper and have allergies etc the way a pure bred does. I don't think Dollys owner was to happy about having the puppies but I was thrilled because I got one(-:

Hi Renna,
We also lost a dog to a car. We even had a fenced yard but she would do anything to get out. She was spayed and everything! We tried everything to keep her in but as soon as we let her out to go potty she would climb the fence or dig a hole. Anyhow one night she had to go outside...)-: I have had many friends and family that have also lost their dog to a car. It is so tragic and I guess knowing Lucy went while she was asleep makes me feel a little better for her. You know there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her still. She was a perfect dog.

Hi Vickie,
I think Lucy had a great short life and for sure she had all the love she could ever possibly want.(-: I still miss her. I love Jack to pieces but Lucy was a special dog and I will always love her. Lucky thing Jack can't I am glad I found Jack when I did and we have been able to spend 4 happy years together so far(-: OMG he has the funniest faces! Sometimes I just crack up at him and he looks at me like ...What???? He has that "look" for whatever mood he is in(-: He is extremely smart and he knows how to use it too(-:

Jacque said...

Cindee~ I lost my Mollie last April after 13 wonderful years together. I am having a long difficult time allowing myself to get that close to another dog. My honey has 2 dogs that are now a part of my life and they are great, but they are his dogs. I guess it will just take time, she was so very special to me. Sometimes I think maybe my attachment to her was odd and then I read how other people who to have loved a pet so much. Thank you for sharing, I like Jack's name! Jacque