Monday, February 23, 2009

Bergenia and a Sempervivum

Not sure which Bergenia this is but it is blooming nicely right now.

I love the winter color of this Semp. Again, not sure on its name.


tina said...

I am looking for some bergenias right now ever since Carolyn Gail posted about them. I hope they like my garden as much as they do yours.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I love the plant on the bottom; I've never heard of that. I'll have to google and see what I find; I love plants with purple in them. Always wanted a purple and green flowerbed I could call my Mardi Gras bed!

cindee said...

Hi Tina,
I hope they do well for you too. I have mine in a location that gets a bit of morning sun. The summer afternoon sun would fry it!

Hi Nola,
The Sempervivums are super easy to grow. They make a great plant for pots/etc. They also grow well in the ground. They don't mind the heat here in the summer so that is why I love them so much(-:

Kerri said...

Hi Cindee, The Bergenia flower cluster is so pretty, and I love the purple shade of that lovely sempervivum.
Those are 2 plants I don't have in my garden!
We have a snowy, blustery, frigid day here in upstate NY. I'd like to be sharing your warmer CA air right now :)

Skeeter said...

Such lovely pretties. The boots below got a chuckle out of me. That would put my Saint over the edge if I did that in our garden! lol I should do it just see his reaction... tee hee. I get a kick otu of poking him at times.

cindee said...

Hi Kerri,
It has been raining here all day. Not to cold just windy and rainy so I am stuck inside. Soon it will be Spring for all of us!!!(-:

Hi Skeeter,
OMG my husband hates working in the yard. He doesn't care what I do as long as he doesn't have to help. He will if I ask him to but he won't do anything if I don't. SO I can do anything I want. That is why I have so many weird things. He doesn't care what I do!!!(-:

Meadowview Thymes said...

The top flower looks a little like my hawthornes when they bloom. Do you get bees in these? They really swarm the hawthornes, but I love that they are here! A few years back I was afraid the bees were disappearing!

lola said...

Cindee both plants are lovely. I will have to check them out. I would like them in my garden.