Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Recent Tennent

I thought we had a rabbit that lived nearby. I didn't know she lived in the yard. How funny. I know most people won't think its funny to have a rabbit living in their yard but I do. I always loved the Beatrix Potter stories. I also have many rabbit statues around the yard. I guess she feels at home. Jack won't be happy when he finds out she lives here though...(-:
When I was a teenager my dad brought me home a baby Jack Rabbit that I raised on a bottle. She was so beautiful. I loved her so much. One day my dad said it was time to set her free and we took her into the woods near our home and let her go. I really missed her but I knew she was going to be happier running around in the woods. Most Jack Rabbits are ugly and their fur is sparse. This rabbit looks pretty well kept. I guess that is because she has been eating all the lovely plants in my yard. I need to pick up a bag of Purina Rabbit Chow at Tractor Supply when I go there next time.(-:


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Good for you, Cindee! I kept thinking I needed to try hard to keep the squirrels out of my birdseed. But then realized, hey, they gotta eat too. Now I just hope to feed whatever is in my yard.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I know they can be a pest, but I love bunnies! We don't see many around here, so I add them here and there to the garden.

Jacque said...

Growing up my parents rehabilitated injured wildlife we too had a Jack rabbit, he was unable to return to the wild so he lived in our yard. He was great! Since then I have had several domestic rabbits, even house trained ones. My mom always said we will just plant enough garden for us and all of them! Jacque

Kudzu said...

How cute! We have a LOT of rabbits, they eat everything! During spring and summer is when you'll see them most. It's common to have a dozen or so at a time. A lot of the time I only catch a glimpse...I'll step out the front door about dawn, and the times I don't look out the window first are the times I step right out next to a possum or armadillo. And then that scares me and I shriek some, and scare away the rabbits, who run off and scare the birds and squirrels and deer...all this excitement before the coffee is even done :D

cindee said...

Hi Brenda,
I know what you mean about the bird seed and the other critters. We have a lot of them that eat the bird seed. I just buy more.(-: I love all animals. Even the naughty ones that eat all my plants(-:

Hi Meadowview Thymes,
I love bunnies too they are so cute. Around here though there are just Jack Rabbits no bunnies unless you buy one at a pet store.

Hi Jacque,
We have always seemed to rehabilitate wildlife too. I have no idea how it happens but they just show up here and we take care of them. I enjoy it though and most are able to return to the wild. Whatever can't can always hang out here and get a free meal(-: I always have extra stuff to eat.

Hi Kudzu,
They doe eat everything. I thought about this one tub of sedum I had. It was full and beautiful. Little by little last summer it disapeared. Now I know why...LOL
Oh well! I love all the animals so much I don't really care. Thats why I keep planting more plants, that way they all have enough and I can enjoy some too(-:

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I rehab babby rabbits too. They are not very appreciative. I think it is adorable to have them in the yard. My dad actually planted a cactus bed to give them a place to hide from the dogs.

My Little Family: said...

She's beautiful! I love rabbits too. She's in serious trouble if Jack gets a whiff of her though. Suddenly you will have a Rabbit Terrier instead of a Rat Terrier! Time for more photos of Jack by the way, LOL.

Phyllis said...

I love bunnies and have quite a few where I live. Last summer, one made a nest in one of my gardens and it was sweet watching her carry weeds for the nest.

Bunnies are very difficult to raise from birth, so your experience was very special.

My Little Family: said...

About the squirrels - When I lived in Anchorage our birdfeeder was on the deck which we could see from the oiving room so evertime a squirrel tried to raid the feeder I would step outside to scare him off. That only worked while I was watching of course.

So we decided on behavior modification. Instead, we would put peanuts on the deck railing every morning and ight and the squirrell left the birdseed alone! this was a good thing because he threw most of the seed on the ground only wanting the sunflower seeds.

cindee said...

Hi Aunt Debbie,
They are fun to raise and it makes all the work worth it when you see them all grown up(-: Kinda like having kids...(-:

Hi My Little Family,
Yeah Jack has been by there several times and he hasn't seen her yet(-: I wonder if his nose is outta wack or something(-: As long as she doesn't run she will be safe. If she runs then Jack will be on her like a tick on a dog(-: He loves to chase things that run away from him(-:

Hi Phyllis,
What a joy to see them and their babies in the garden(-: I hope this one makes it long enough to enjoy that sight!

My little Family,
I quit feeding the birds bird seed. I just feed the sunflower seeds now. I have a separate feeder for the thistle seed. I also put out Chicken Scratch. The squirrels would throw all the seeds on the ground too. Also I found that the birds didn't like a lot of the bird seeds so I quit buying them.

Skeeter said...

What a cute bunny! We had them last spring and into early summer then they disappeared. I fear the fox or coyote got them but that is life in the wild. As long as I dont have to witness the cycle with my own eyes....