Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Violet Revisited

It looked so pretty last night I had to take a picture. It sure has grown since I bought it last spring! It was a scrawny little thing and the leaves were almost white. It has really done well since I repotted it and gave it some fertilizer! Its my favorite plant of the bunch. By the way the leaves I bought last spring are also growing and doing well. Only two leaves have not produced babies yet. It seems like a long time to me but I am still watering the leaves and waiting. I think today I will take a group shot of the differences in the plants. Funny to see them that way when they all started at the same time and were just leaf cuttings! I will post a picture tomorrow(-:


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Maybe I'll pick up an African violet next time I see a pretty one. I use to have all kinds of them. But then I have this cat that likes to eat plant leaves. So I have to watch what I put within her view.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I've never tried violets. You must have quite the talent because yours are always so pretty. You must have lots of patience!
BTW--I have asthma (although no problems in years) and my youngest has asthma, so I sympathize with your post. Hang in there--people who can breathe just do not understand what it is like to not breathe!

Cinj said...

I think African Violets are so pretty. I've had a couple of them before and have contemplated buying one more than a few times. I have a bunch of African Violet fertilizer.

lola said...

Cindee, is that the plant that's a mother to mine? It is so pretty. Do you know the name of it? Yours is the first time I've seen one like that. I love it. I have about 7 of them--all usual-one different. I have a purple one that is starting to bloom. They are so pretty.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

hi cindee, i just wanted to say thank you for the nice coupon to use at Michaels:) I was just 'stumbling' around various blogs and came upon yours, and when I saw that coupon I just had to go for it!

Your African Violet looks fabulous. Very full and thriving. They are such hearty yet delicate plants. I had 4 beauties last year (well, they were almost dead when I bought them)...but I nursed them to health and they bloomed almost all winter...but my cat, well, he just couldn't leave them alone. After months of destruction, nursing a leaf here and there to create a new bloom etc, i just gave up and dumped them. it was hard to let go...but spring had come and i was outside more so it made it easier:)

Well, take care! Jan

cindee said...

Hi Brenda,
I actually like growing them. I think I went over board on the leaves this time though. LOL Oh well I have a lot of violets now. Originally I bought them to grow in my daughters bedroom window but of course that has changed now. SO they are stuck in my kitchen window for now. My cats don't bother my plants. I guess I am lucky(-:

Hi Meadowview thymes,
I don't really have any patience(-: I can't wait for them to grow and bloom. It seems like these have taken forever(-: I just like growing violets. I think they are so pretty and since they are inside it makes a nice display during the winter months(-:
I have had asthma all my life so its an on going problem for me. Sometimes I do well and other times I don't. I am pretty use to it though. People that don't have asthma have no idea.

Hi Cindy,
You should get more(-: I think they are pretty easy to grow if you don't over water them. They do just fine in a sunny window during the winter months and in the summer they need a little protection from direct sun. I grow mine in a east window and a west window. The west window has filtered sun from the trees in the summer and does just fine. I have always wanted one of those plant windows in my kitchen so I could grow them in there. Maybe someday!

Hi Lola,
Yeah that is the mother plant(-:
I started another leaf and its rooted but no new leaves yet. It is pretty but I don't know what the name is because I bought it at a garage sale(-:

Hi Jan,
I am glad you are enjoying the Michaels coupons. I post them as soon as I get them. I also post Joanns too. My two favorite craft stores(-: Its always good to save a bit(-:
Sorry about your violets. I had kittens one time that would not leave my plants alone. It was difficult to train them but eventually they did. Now my cats are 13 and 14! They are to old to even bother! (-:

Anna said...

I love it too--what a beautiful leaf and flower. I can't believe how much your violets have grown. I remember when you had your doubts but your hard work paid off.