Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Frost is Near

I have begun moving my tender plants that I want to save, into a safe location. I brought my beautiful begonia inside to stay for the winter. I hope it will survive. It did not start blooming until a couple weeks ago. It never grew at all this summer. How weird is that? Now it is showing off on my kitchen table(-:
I have an elephant ear plant I moved up against the house. It survived last winter just fine so hopefully it makes it through again. It is so pretty. It was very late to get started growing this year though. Our low temperature here is usually in the 20's if its a clear night. It has gone into the teens before though.


Skeeter said...

Our elephant ears are fine left to mother nature here in GA. They are in the ground and that may have something to do with them surviving. Although the GA garden guy on PBS said that they should be taken out each year or they will reduce in size in years to come. So far three of mine are doing fine and getting bigger each year. I must post on them soon as they will fall to the ground once jack frost arrives....

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee that Begonia is really pretty ! .. I wonder why it didn't do anything for you during the summer. It is certainly doing IT ! now though .. hubby and I did clean up out in the garden this morning .. I'm pooped .. but glad to have a some what orderly deck and garden now .. phew !

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

We see no cold weather on the horizon here for now. I'm once again wearing shorts and sweated myself senseless out in the yard gathering up the endless leaves!

Gail said...

Cindy, What is your plant zone? It is always a shocker when frost arrives...even if it is occasional, it sure messes with the garden! Good luck! Gail

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Here in Texas, it's still into the 80's during the day. That could change any moment, then I'll be dragging everything into the garage for safe keeping.

lola said...

What a gorgeous Begonia. My brother brought me one on his last visit that he had rooted himself. It looks like a rex. I don't know anything about Begonias.

perennialgardener said...

That is a pretty begonia Cindee. I don't bring in my elephant ears either. They seem to survive our winters fine.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Is that angel wings? My pass-along looks so pretty, but no blooms! I had no idea it would get that cold in your area. Do you bring all your plants inside?

Anna said...

That is one of my favorite begonia colors. I use it with a soft peach too. It's a Non-Stop isn't it? They look good in a pot with the elephant ears. There is another hanging begonia called illumination that will grow as long as 36 inches. Blooms like crazy too.

Cinj said...

What a beautiful begonia. Mine are long gone. I had bought a couple this spring but they got damaged by a late frost and never really recovered. I should have thought to bring them in over a month ago, but there's been such a whirlwind of activity around here sometimes it's hard to even think straight!

cindee said...

Hi skeeter,
I have read that they should be lifted out of the ground too. I just leave mine in a pot. So far so good. I really enjoy them through out the summer(-:

Hi Joy,
I am wondering if the smoke from the fires this summer just did not let enough sunshine through? We had a lot of other plants that did not grow or bloom also.

Hi Brenda,
Believe it or not it was 80 last week! It took a cold turn and started raining on Thursday. Its been cold and rainy every since!

Hi Gail,
We are in zone 9. We usually have our first frost by November 15th. I can't believe how fast this year has gone!

Hi Nola,
I miss the warm days already! I am looking forward to Spring! I wish I could skip over the cold weather months!

Hi Lola,
That was nice of your brother(-:
I have never tried to grow this type of begonia. I have grown the annual types (fibrous?)which actually come back every year for me for some reason. (-:

Hi perennalgardener,
The elephant ears seem pretty hardy. Hopefully this one makes it again this year(-:

Hi meadowview thymes,
It does get cold here. We have snow some years. I only bring the plants in I want to survive the winter. Most plants do survive that I have here. I ususally buy plants with that in mind.(-:

Hi Anna,
It is a pretty color. I really like it. Hopefully it will make it though the winter. I might move it around in the house and see where it might like it better(-:

Hi Cindy,
I know sometimes time just creeps up on me and I forget to get things saved. Then the frost hits and everything is gone.

just jody said...

hi cindee, i'm in zone 7 here in sc and my green elephant ears winter over fine but i keep losing the black ones....go figure. i'm trying to figure out a way to overwinter the horsetail and papyrus plants in a shallow pond i have up against the house. sure would be nice to have a greenhouse!

cindee said...

Hi Jody,
The black leafed ones did not survive here either. I guess those one would need to be brought inside. Its hard to just dig up a plant that is doing so well(-:

Alex said...

Yeah...I can't believe it's Fall already, too. Humph! The seasons were sooo confusing this year! ;)

Take care!

Kudzu said...

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garden girl said...

Hi Cindee, we still haven't had a frost here yet - very unusual to be this far into November with no frost. But all the tender plants are safely indoors now.

I think Anna's right and that's a non-stop begonia. I'd forgotten about one I had in the garden, but found it in time to bring it in. Mine didn't do much this summer either. I think it might need to be repotted, and will give that a try over the winter. It's nice and healthy, but no blooms and little growth during this, its second year.

Alex said...

Good morning, Cindee! Thank you for stopping by yesterday. It was really good to hear from you. Thanks for the encouragement for the surgery. :)

Anna said...


Renna said...

Since our winters are mild, I don't have to bother with moving my elephant ears.

My neighbor brought me over two large stalks from a banana tree she has growing in her yard (not common to our area at all). Her's actually produced bananas this year, unusual since we're not at all a tropical climate. I need to find out from her how to winter the stalks she gave me until it's time to plant them next year.