Friday, October 31, 2008

Jack O' Rooster

Happy Halloween From Jack. He is dressing up as a Rooster this year. He has other ideas for the costume for later when he can sneak into the chicken pen incognito. He looks pretty dashing in his new duds I think. Not sure how the hens will feel though. Hope you all have great Halloween!!!


perennialgardener said... cute!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Too cute! You should put a bubble above his head to show what he's thinking, like "how much longer?" "oh, man, I hope my friends don't see me" hahaha!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I'm thinking he doesn't look all that happy about his current predicament!

tina said...

You too Cindee.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Jack is a pretty cute little fellow!
Happy Halloween and have a great weekend Cindee.

Gail said...

Adorable and what a good temperament he must have!

My LIttle Family: said...

OMG! If I didn't know I was on YOUR blog I would have thought those "rooster" photos were of my Eddie! He has the same costume and they look alike when costumed. You've got to check out my blog and see. It is difficult getting him to wear the headpiece because he thinks it' a soft toy and want to chew it up. LOL Vickie

Skeeter said...

Now that is too funny. Not sure Jack thinks it is funny though. That tail looks a bit low... lol....

Linda Lunda said...

HAHAHahahahaha... eaten to many chickens!!??
Hihihi.. so qute!
Thanks for showing!

cindee said...

Hi perennialgardener,
Thanks! I thought he looked pretty cute too(-:

Hi nola,
LOL he was thinking just that too. He really does tolerate me well(-:

Hi brenda,
He really doesn't like to dress up but he lets me do it anyhow(-: Hes a sweet doggie(-:

Hi tina,

Hi meadowview thymes,

Hi gail,
Yeah Jack really has a great temperament. He loves me(-:

Hi my little family,
I loved eddies picture too(-: Jack just stood there and let me take his picture. As soon as I said o.k thats it the hat came off! He does like to wear a shirt in the winter because he gets cold. But the hat was just a toy he wanted to get a hold of asap(-: LOL Jack also hates going outside in the rain. He hatessssss it. I have to put him on a leash and make him go out to potty. Otherwise he will just look at the rain and run right back inside under the covers! LOL

Hi skeeter,
Jack really does love all the attention...just not the dang hat on his head!!! LOL

Hi Linda,
Yeah Jack has killed a couple of chickens. If they are out running around I don't dare let him out alone. He likes to chase them. He can go into their pen and be fine though. I guess its all about the chase.

Rick said...

Poor poor Jack!

Cindee, if you observe Jack lifting a leg on your peas, you might remember this event!

cindee said...

Hi Rick,
Jack loves all the attention(-: He just pretends to not(-:
Next year I will get him the King Costume(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee ... Jack is too funny girl .. I'm amazed he put up with the rooster on him ! LOL

Renna said...

That is hysterical!!!

Anna said...

You made me snort tea out my nose. I was not expecting to scroll down and see a Jack O Rooster! It is perfect and very much your dry sense of humor. You described it so casually. And then there is Jack with his rooster costume. I can't wait to show this to my family. What has Jack been in past years? Photos!

cindee said...

Hi Joy,
Jack puts up with everything I do. He just shakes his head and agrees because he knows I am going to do it anyhow(-:

Hi Renna,
LOL I know it is a riot(-:

Hi Anna!!!
Yeah I laughed to much when I got him all dressed up. He was kinda looking at me thinking...geez do I look that funny?

Last year Jack had a skeleton t shirt. The year before he had a pumpkin t shirt. I didn't take pictures of the other dress up occasions. LOL He likes t shirts better then things that go on his head. They had way more to choose from this year(-: