Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Pumpkin

This picture was taken in October of 1983. It is our cat on one of the pumpkins my dad grew in his garden. It was the smallest pumpkin and was able to be moved to our house for Halloween. The pumpkin weighed about 200 pounds. We did not carve it. Instead we sat it on our porch for a nice display for the season. After Halloween was over a neighbor came and picked it up and hauled it home to can some and make pies out of some. We were lucky enough to get a pie. I had never had a pie made from fresh pumpkin before and it was outstandingly Delicious(-: It makes me hungry for Pumpkin Pie. I might have to bake one this weekend.(-:


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow, your pumpkin puts our Mr. Carver to shame. yes we named our single pumpkin)

Nola @ Alamo North said...

What an absolutely perfect photo. The kitty made a perfect model!

Alex said...

A 200 pound punkin!!!! Holy crap!! :)

Mary Beth said...

200 pounds? Now, THAT'S a pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

That is surely an advertisment for whatever he is using to grow them! I love fresh pumpkin pie too. Once you get it, you don't want another canned version. The kitty is perfect sitting there like that.

I'm blogless again. I'm not starting over. I was having trouble at the new site and it froze completely up this afternoon. They refunded my money and so now I'm anonymous. I will stay in touch though cause I like you and your blog.


perennialgardener said...

That is one massive pumpkin! Your kitty sitting on top of it really adds to the season. :)

tina said...

Perfect picture!

Meadowview Thymes said...

I've never had a pie from a fresh pumpkin either--and I love pumpkin pie!! Yum!!!

cindee said...

Hi Aunt debbi,
Love the name of your pumpkin. This poor pumpkin was not named.(-:

Hi nola,
The kitty did add to that pumpkin scene(-:

Hi alex,
Yeah that was a big pumpkin.(-:

Hi mary,
Lots of pumpkin pies outta that one big pumpkin!

Hi Anna,
I am glad you stopped by(-:
There is nothing like fresh pumpkin pie. It isn't that hard to make either. You just have to cook the pumpkin first. It is so much better then canned there is no comparison.

Hi perennialgarderner,
Thanks for commenting. It was hard to get kitty to sit on that pumpkin for his picture too.(-:

Hi Tina,

Hi Meadowview thymes,
You need to try pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin if you have never had one before. Its so good you will never want to make one with canned pumpkin again. (-:

just jody said...

it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown! awesome picture, cindee.

cindee said...

Hi Jodi,
It was a Great Pumpkin(-: To bad Snoopy wasn't sitting next to it too.(-:

Renna said...

That thing was GINORMOUS! I love the pic with the black cat sitting on it. How very appropros! ;-)

Cinj said...

Wow, that pumpkin looks huge! My neice won a big pumpkin once by guessing it's weight. No one in the family was into making thing with it then, so I don't know what my sister ever did with it. I know pictures were taken, but I've never seen them.

My son loves pumpkin pie. Cheesehead says that you need a special baking pumpkin to make pumpkin pie with. Is that true?

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I kept rereading that. The smallest pumpkin! Wow! How much did the biggest one weigh? Did they crater the earth with their bounteous size?

Patsi said...

Now that picture is a keeper !!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Oh my gosh Cindee ! a 200 pound pumpkin in your front garden must have been a BLAST girl !
Love the picture of Ms. Black cat on a very big very orange pumpkin.
And having some one put it to good use like that .. terrific ..
YES .. fresh pumpkin pie is amazing .. now you have me thinking of it.
"Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is coming on .. plus Garfield's Halloween .. yes .. I have to watch them !
candy candy candy ... hehehehe !

Gail said...

Fantastic photo, so Halloween! I can't imagine a 200 pound vegetable and that is not even considered big by contest standards! Gail

lola said...

Great looking pix. Boy, that was a big pumpkin. Hope you plan on pies from this one. I love pumpkin pie. Yummm.

Anonymous said...


cindee said...

Hi Renna,
That cat was a cool cat(-: I miss him)-: Happy Halloween(-:

Hi Cindy,
I guess you can buy the small pumpkins for pies and those are suppose to be less stringy. But you can use the big ones too. You just have to blend it well and pull out the stringy pieces(-:
Happy Halloween(-:

Hi Brenda,
I am not sure how much the biggest one was now. That was a long time ago(-: LOL My dad was growing them as big as he could for the fun of it. He didn't enter a competition.
Happy Halloween(-:

Hi Patsi,
Thanks!! Happy Halloween to you!!!

Hi Joy,
Oh those are my favorite Halloween shows(-: I am going to make a pumpkin pie on Saturday for my husbands Halloween party(-:

Hi Gail,
We were watching a contest on t.v. last night. The biggest one was over 1500 pounds! It was huge!!!!!
When they get that big they get all flattened out. They are not as pretty as the 200

Hi lola,
I am going to make a pumpkin pie out of a small pumpkin I bought at the store. I can't wait. That big old pumpkin sure was good though.

Hi Anna,
I miss you. I hope you are doing well!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!

Alex said...'s that giant punkin doing??? :) Thanks for stopping by!

Kathleen said...

and that was the smallest pumpkin??? omg, wonder what the others looked like?? It's amazing & with your cat on top, the perfect Halloween picture!

Skeeter said...

Having two beautiful black cats, (one is in my lap as I type) I just love this picture! Hard to believe it is pumpkin pie time already. Bring on the whip cream!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

That's an amazing pumpkin! I love the kitty on top :)

Have a wonderful day!
Kathi :)

shirley bovshow "EdenMaker" said...

That is one HUGE pumpkin. Great photo. I just made my first "from scratch" pumpkin pie and I don't know why I waited to all these years! Isn't it much better than canned pumpkin?
It was nice visiting your blog today.

cindee said...

Hi Alex,
Happy Halloween!!!

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Halloween to you!!!!

Hi Skeeter,
I will be baking my pie tomorrow. I will take some pictures of it(-: Whipped Cream is a must have for sure(-:

Hi Kathi,
Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hi Shirley,
Thanks for stopping by!! Fresh pumpkin pie is the best!!! It takes a little longer to make but its worth it!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you all have a great and safe day!!!!!