Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clerodendrum bungei 'Cashmere Bouquet'

Is hopefully going to be dead. Yay!!!!! I hate that plant worth a passion. It smells horrid and I can't wait to have it gone from the yard. It may have a pretty flower but the plant itself is nasty. It is extremely invasive and it requires a ton of water. Water which is very rare nowdays. Goodbye to a nasty unwanted plant. May it rest in peace(-:


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Well, I could never pronounce that long name. But good riddance!

Georgiagirl said...

How funny !!!

this is one of my favorites.

I never water it, a little weeding in the spring takes care of any extra plants.

Rick said...

Funny isn't it how some plants have nice flowers but overall are horrible. Good luck on ridding the garden of your unwanted plant.

cindee said...

Hi Brenda,
Same here(-: It must be the long name that adds to the hate for this

Hi georgiagirl,
Maybe in your climate it grows nicer and doesn't smell?

Hi Rick,
It is funny how some plants have nice flowers but are overall nasty. This one wouldn't even be good in a pot because of the terrible smell that comes from it if you accidentally brush up against it. I looked outside when I got home and they are all wilted and dying a slow death. Hopefully they are not just faking it(-:

Alex said...

hahaha...funny. :) Never heard of that plant, but I will heed to your advice and make sure one of those never make it into my garden!! :)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Never heard of (or smelled) this one--and I think that must be a good thing! Good bye bad plant!

Skeeter said...

How could something so pretty be so ugly? Kind of like my cute cats when they get into trouble. Dont let that cute thing fool ya... lol...

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Cindee, Tell us how you really feel:)

Patsi said...

Funny post.
Thanks for the Michael's coupon.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee ... and here I was going to say how pretty a flower that is ? haha .. some plants need a little push when we really dislike them .. you don't have to WAIT girl .. just DO IT ! haha

Chloe Marguerite said...

That's so funny! Clerodendrum is one of my favorites, but it's obviously a different variety. It does smell horrible though, like a combination of gasoline and peanut butter.

Chloe M.

cindee said...

Hi Alex,
Well I don't like it because of the smell. It could be a pretty plant if you could keep it contained and out of direct contact.

Hi meadowview thymes,
Yeah it just is a terrible smell. The flowers are pretty but that is all.

Hi Skeeter,
It is pretty. Just the smell about knocks me down.

Hi Aunt Debbi,
LOL I hate that plant(-:

Hi Patsy,
You are welcome(-:

Hi Joy,
Yup good to see it gone asap(-:
Can't be soon enough. I should have done it this summer though instead of waiting. Oh well.

Hi Chloe,
I guess if you like the flower of the plant then you could ignore the smell? I have these things all over the yard though. Maybe it it was in a pot clear on the otherside of the yard I could deal with it.(-:

Anna said...

Good riddance! I have a hydrangea that looks just like it and same thing--needs lots of water. The fact that it stinks is just more madness. Glad it will be gone!

Ashley said...

I think the plant is pretty! I guess I just love anything that has to do with cashmere.