Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two More New Violets

Two more of the 13 different violet leaves I bought have grown new babies!!! Yay!!! I only have 5 more that have not grown new leaves. As I said before this is a very slow process. I will have to take a picture of the ones that produced new leaves first. They have really grown well. I am thinking they could flower before the end of the year(-:
I planted two leaves in each of the 13 pots. Some of those leaves did not make it. But, nontheless I should have at least 20 plants if they all root and grow. That means I will have violets to share(-: That is what the best part of the deal is. I really enjoy passing along plants. Stay Tuned for more updates on the Violet Saga...


Perennial Gardener said...

Your new babies are looking good Cindee. African Violets are so pretty and easy to proprogate. It's nice to be able to pass them along to friends.

Meadowview Thymes said...

More?? Wow! Do you have a shelf with lights for your violets? I never had much luck, and always thought it was lack of light in my house.

cindee said...

Hi Meadowview Thymes,
No I have the violets in the kitchen window. No lights(-: I have never used lights for my violets. Just stick them in the window and they do really great. I have my dining area window filled with them too. Its an East facing window. The kitchen window is a West facing window.

Brenda Kula said...

Do you keep all your violets grouped together? Or spread about the house? Just curious. Would love to see photos of where you have them!

cindee said...

Hi Brenda,
Yes they are all hanging out together on the window sills(-: I get to enjoy them when I am in the kitche and when I am eating at the table(-:

Hocking Gardener said...

Your baby violets look good. I have no luck growing them for some reason.My green thumb has brown spots with some plants :D
I just love your float fishes. They are sooo cute!

Alex said...

Violets are VERY beautiful...hmm....maybe I need one of those on the table next to my couch to look at each day. :)

Hope Joe is feeling well today.

Eve said...

That is so cool. I have always backed away from African violets because I heard they are posionous to cats and I know mine won't leave them alone. I really need to look that up to see if it is really true.

I think they are so pretty and you are going to be one happy violet Mama. : ) Good luck on the rest of them.

cindee said...

Hi Lona,
Thanks(-: Violets seem to just like it here for some reason(-: I like them too because in the dead of winter I have color in my windows(-:

Hi Alex,
Yes you do need one or two(-: Did you know you can buy fake ones that look just beautiful? They don't require any care at all(-:

Hi Eve,
If they are poisonous I didn't hear that. I don't have cats in the house though so I have never had a problem. I have had violets since I was a teenager so and never had a problem with a pet eating any.

Anna said...

I laughed at you and your flower comment being a year from now. I sure didn't know that they took so long to root and grow. You are very patient.

cindee said...

Hi Anna,
Violets rooting this way seem really slow to me. I have always done the water method so you can see when the roots are growing etc. This way is crazy. I wouldn't do it that way again.