Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Buzz

I got this birdbath yesterday at a clearance center for 9.99 for my DD(-: She will be pleased with it I'm sure. Its small but it is very cute and you can see it was originally 49.00. So I think I got a good deal(-:

Next is the problem I was telling about on another blog. It seems to be a growing problem. I am not going to touch this one. One year I was stung/bit whatever the yellow jackets do and I developed a terrible blood infection and nearly ended up hospitalized. Meat bees/yellow jackets eat a lot of undesirable things. Some probably poisonous. Dead rattlesnakes etc. You get the point... So beware of them and keep your distance.


Perennial Gardener said...

What a darling little birdbath. How sweet of you to give this as a gift to your DD. I'm sure she will appreciate it! I think you will have to think about calling in the pros for the yellowjacket thing! Please be careful!

Brenda Kula said...

Wow, Cindee, those look feisty and angry! Better steer clear! And yes, you got a wonderful deal on that birdbath. I'd have snapped her right up!

Renna said...

Yikes! I enlarged the picture of the nest, and that was a little too up close and personal for me!

The birdbath is adorable!

Cinj said...

I sure would have snatched up that adorable birdbath for that price, wow!

I hired a professional to take care of a large wasp problem I had a few years ago. The ones we had could hospitalize you with just a couple of stings according to the pest control guy. Eek! Steer clear of that nest.

Alex said...

I love the birdbath. I've been wanting to put one in my yard, but I'm not yet ready to spend what most of them cost. ;-)

Hope you have a good week.


Robolady said...

I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole. I think you are going to have to call a kritter catcher for that one. Keep us posted. Love the bird bath.

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lola said...

Those are some nasty bees. Best to let professionals handle that one. I have seen them make nests in leaves & sort, even in ground. Nasty stings, will make you swell bad.
Love the birdbath. Wow, what a deal. I go for that one.

lola said...

Do not have add. to mail you. Explain please.

cindee said...

Hi Perennial gardener, Brenda,
Renna, Cindy, Alex, Robolady, and Lola,
The pests have been eliminated.
I will post a picture of their demise tomorrow(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee ! Hello there girl !
Wow ... that was a fantastic bargain on the birdbath .. nothing better than picking up something you like for a heack of a price !
Scary stuff with those yellowjackets .. I run like an idiot which probably makes 'them" think BIG meal ? haha
Your flowers are looking VERY pretty : )

simple~needs said...

love the birdbath!!
i avoid all bees.... i know we need them but i dont need stung either!!

Anna said...

Oh--I see, it's in a birdhouse. That is some really scary stuff. I'm glad it's all behind you now and down safely. I still don't see how they didn't swarm out and harm you.