Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Star and Moon Ball

This is the closest thing to Annas' Beautiful ceramic star ball I could find. Its not even as pretty but it will have to do for now(-: I wonder if I could take this to a ceramic shop and have it glazed...(-:


Eve said...

They have paints that look so close to glaze now but I can't remember the name of them.

If they will fire it for you, you can save money by buying a jar of glaze and a brush and glazing it yourself. Nothing to it.

Perennial Gardener said...

That would be gorgeous with a glaze on it. What color are you thinking?

Anna said...

Oh yea!!! Look what you found. Where did you get it? Do you think that glass paint would work? It would drip like you want it to also. I'm so glad you found it.

cindee said...

Hi Anna,
I talked to the ceramics lady at school on friday. She said to bring it in and she can glaze and fire it for me(-: We have a kiln at school also(-: yayyyy so I am going to take the picture of your ball and show her and see what she can do(-: I got the ball at a garage sale(-: