Friday, August 8, 2008

New Cactus

I bought these on eBay. For a buck, I got both of them, plus shipping of $7.38 (-: I have been looking for a baseball cactus (EUPHORBIA OBESA)for a while now, and I was pleased to find one so cheap on eBay(-: The spiral cactus(EUPHORBIA SPIRALIS) was a bonus(-:
Here are their pictures...


Perennial Gardener said...

I guess you really can get anything you want on Ebay. Very interesting shaped cactus. I like the basketball one the best. :)

Renna said...

Those are so cool! I never even thought about there being many varieties of cactus.

Brenda Kula said...

That first photo doesn't even look like a real plant! Wow! I didn't realize you could shop eBay for plants! I've been wanting a succulent that Pam at Digging has in her front yard. If you know of one, let me know! A blue-green color. Don't know what it's called.

cindee said...

Hi perennial gardener,
Yes you can get about anything you want on eBay...lol I have gotten so many great things on there. When I can't find it anywhere else I look there and usually find it.
Thanks for commenting(-: Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Hi Renna,
Thanks!!!! There are so many cool cactus and these don't have sharp needles to hurt you when you touch them.(-:

Hi Brenda!!!!
I know...isn't that baseball cactus awesome!!!!!!
I know the thing you are talking about on Pams blog. It is an Agave, blue whale. I am sure they have those on eBay.
Thanks for commenting(-: Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Outer Banks Mom said...

Nice! I've had no luck with any live plants I've purchased via Ebay. I got 3 butterfly bushes the last time and they were half dead when they arrived. :( I do have good luck with seeds though! They are really great cindee, have a good weekend!

cindee said...

Whoops the agave is a whales tongue. agave ovatifolia They have seeds for sale on eBay but not the plant that I can find....

Meadowview Thymes said...

I would have never thought of looking for plants on ebay!
The baseball cactus is really cool! I have never heard of one. It looks kind of red...is it and not green?

cindee said...

Hi meadowview thymes,
The baseball cactus is kinda a brownish reddish color. It is not green.(-: Thanks for stopping by!!! I appreciate your comments(-:

Skeeter said...

I did not know you could mail plants in pots, dirt, etc... I now when mailing something at the post office one of their question: Is any time live in the box? I always laugh when they say that as I wondered what could be mail Alive? Now I know.... Catcus!

Alex said...

Those are pretty cool. My mom loves cactus plants as well. Good find.

VP said...

That first cactus looks just like a sea urchin Cindee. And what an e-Bay bargain!

Just came on over to thank you for your visit and comment last week - it was good to see you :)

Have a great weekend!

cindee said...

Hi Skeeter,
Yes you can mail live plants although I am sure you should tell the post office you are doing it. I never do though. (-:

Hi Alex,
Thanks! Yes cactus are so easy to grow and they are interesting too!!

Hi VP,
It does look like a sea urchin!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

just jody said...

wow! what a deal. love them!

Cinj said...

That first cactus looks like a craft a person could make. Hmm, that gives me yet another idea. Maybe I should start writing these ideas down so I don't forget everything I want to do....

I didn't know you could buy cacti on ebay. I guess there's truly no limit to what you can buy there.

cindee said...

Hi Jody,
I am very happy with the cactus too. It was a deal(-:

Hi Cindy,
It does look like something you could make. Its very unique thats for sure. I keep touching it to make sure its alive(-: