Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chick and Cactus Blooming

I was looking through pictures and realized I forgot to share this one. So, its a little late, but, better late then never right? I got the Chick in June and set it on top of the blooming cactus to take its picture. It is a Christmas Cactus but it bloomed in June...(-: I wonder if it will bloom again at Christmas? Hmmm well according to this schedule (see below)I guess not. It is hot here and we won't have any low temps until November. That would not allow enough time for it to set buds. I guess I will have to buy a new one around Christmas time(-:

The schedule of the ideal life of a Christmas Cactus

January - Flowering.

February to March - Resting (55 degrees, infrequent watering).

April to May - Water thoroughly when potting mix begins to dry out.

June to August - Place outdoors in a shady spot.

September to October - Plant prepares to flower. Reduce length daylight hours. Keep on the dry side and cool (55 to 60 degrees F) until flower buds form. Then increase water and temperature.

November to December - Flowering. Water normally. Temperature no less than 55 degrees F.


Skeeter said...

How disappointing for me. I was looking for a REAL chick! lol...

My mom has a huge Christmas cactus that she has to remove from my room when we come home to visit. It takes up too much of the room when someone is living in it! That is about the only plant in her house that her cats don’t seem to mess with…

Perennial Garden Lover said...

Christmas Cactus are beautiful but the whole temperature thing makes them alittle too much work to grow year to year. Lovely color. I was looking for the chick too, lol. (a real chick) :)

spookydragonfly said...

Thanks for visiting me and all the nice comments...such a pretty cactus...you don't sound too upset about buying another for Christmas!!

Eve said...

I think they are pretty but unless someone gives me one, I probably wouldn't buy one. At this stage of my life, I don't need anything whining at me and making me feel guilty because I am not taking care of it. LOL

tina said...

Mine never ever bloom for me. They are pretty though.

cindee said...

Hi Skeeter,
LOL well it is really rusty(-:
I guess I should bring that cactus inside in the winter and see how it does. I might try that. Usually I leave it out all the time on the front porch.

Hi perennial garden lover,
I never try to make it bloom I just leave it out on the porch and it just blooms whenever it feels like it. Maybe I should try putting in the house during the fall(-:

Hi spookydragonfly,
I think the Christmas cactus are fun. I guess if I have to buy a new one at Christmas I will get a different color(-:

Hi Eve,
LOL I know it is another thing to care for. Although they do seem to not require much care as long as you water them.

Hi Tiina,
I wonder why yours do not bloom. Do you have it inside or out?

tina said...

Not enough sun here, not inside or outside. It is okay, I'll enjoy others like yours, as houseplants aren't really my thing.

cindee said...

My cactus is on the porch and doesn't get direct sun. Its in a shady spot.Here is a website I found with a lot of info about them.

Katherinellen said...

Your catus look pretty to me. Thanks for stopping by when the computer was getting repair. You have beautiful garden. I have never tend to castus. Is it easy to care. My friend Dee has one...she keep it in Her Kitchen. I has grown about 3 inches since her friend gave it to her in June. You have a wonderful day. Smiles and Hugs Kathy

Anna said...

I like how the reds play off the rusty can;) I don't usually have house plants so haven't seen this bloom expcept in a garden center.

just jody said...

i've heard of christmas in july but never christmas in june. how neat is that! i like your chick and the garden art to the right. almost looks like a peace sign in the gear.

cindee said...

Hi KatherineEllen,
I think the cactus is easy to care for. I enjoy the plant and when it blooms its a bonus(-:

Hi Anna,
It is a pretty colored cactus(-: One year I needed something for Thanks Giving and I found a huge beautiful Christmas cactus for sale at a local grocery store. It was the size of a beach ball!!! It really made a beautiful Thanks Giving bouquet(-: Different and fun!!!!

Hi Jody,
That is a peace bomb planter behind that cactus. My brother made it. It is suppose to be funny...Peace and bomb in the same art piece. I have a sedum planted in it that the birds have insisted to eat. So it is not looking to pretty at the moment.

Nola said...

Love the cactus; love the milk can below it even more!

Anna said...

Just wanted to add---I've always wondered that and never looked it up. Proves a seasoned gardener learns something new every day. bummer that you got to buy a new one! I can't believe you got one so big--I bet it was stunning.