Monday, August 4, 2008

Annihilation of the Yellowjackets

They met their demise last night at approximately 10pm.
Armed with a can of yellowjacket/wasp spray, duct tape, and a long straw, the mission began. First, I cut three strips of duct tape and overlapped them making a square shape. Then, I cut a slit in the middle where my husband placed a staw. Later the straw would be hooked up to the can of execution fluid. Creating a mini gas chamber so to speak. I got up on a ladder and quickly placed the tape across the hole of the yellowjackets entrance. I then removed the nest from the hook and we took it to a safe location to insert the straw and release the death liquid. We filled up the nest and left it to marinate over night. This is what it looked like this morning. Good bye pests...RIP...(-:


Perennial Gardener said...

May they rest in peace. That was very clever & safe way to do it.

Brenda Kula said...

Well, aren't you a clever one to think of that! Then the spray wasn't "misted" into the air!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Clever idea!! We have to be careful because of our small goldfish pond--this might work for us if we could just locate the nest!

Laurie Fischer said...

Wow....very good. Funny thing...along with us having hardly and butterflies this year, I have not seen any yellow jackets either and I am always on the lookout for them as I am allergic when they sting me.

Alex said...

Now, I would have never thought of that...dang. Creepy. ;-)

Eve said...

It was brave of you to take the nest down. That would have been Billy's job. Actually the whole thing would have been his job. This togetherness thing isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Let the big, strong man do it. : ) while little ole me, stays inside. I know when to play the gender card.

lola said...

Good job. Great idea to use straw. Good ole duct tape. It's uses are endless. I don't like those insects at all. Blow up like a balloon when stung or bitten. Allergy I guess.

Anna said...

I've never seen a yellow jacket nest up high. Ours are always in the ground. I think you were very brave. I'm wondering how you handled the nest without disturbing the bees? Didn't they see you coming? Did you dress in yellow jacket clothes and go incognito.

Cinj said...

Eeek. You're braver than I. The same thought did pass through my mind though. Well minus the straw, that was a nice addition. At least your nest was contained with one single entrance and no fear of the nest ripping enroute to annihilation. You just saved yourself a boat load of money too!

I should share my wasp story sometime. It was somewhat humorous at times, though a bit painful tripping over myself to get to safety....

ChrisND said...

There sure were a lot in that nest...our neighbor has a very small nest they will deal with tonight.

Renna said...

Did you wear an executioner's hood, Cindee? ;-Þ

Just kidding! You gotta do what you gotta do, and I'll do most anything to avoid getting stung!

I'm not sure which kind of wasp/hornet creature goes into holes in the ground, but we have lots of those. I think my little dog may have been stung by one. She's always digging at the ground, especially if she spots an insect (locusts are her favorite snack!). She had a huge swollen bump on one foot last week, along with a big bump on that same leg. She licked the foot for days. It's only began going down in the last day or so.

cindee said...

Hi Perennial Gardener,
Meadowview Thymes,
It was a clever idea. The DH came up with it(-:

H Laurie,
I didn't see any until just the other day. I don't know what they were up to until then.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for stopping by!!!
Hope you are doing well today(-:

Hi Eve,
DH came up with the plan but I had to execute it(-:

Hi Lola,
A lot of people are allergic to bee stings. It is a scary thing. Usually a honey bee doesn't bother me but the yellow jackets really do.

Hi Anna,
Since we did it at night they are all in the nest sleeping I guess. As long as you don't do anything to provoke them they probably won't notice anything going on. No one even moved when I got the duct tape around them(-: I didn't even get dressed up for the adventure.
I have had yellow jackets in the ground and in birdhouses too.

Hi Cindy,
I wasn't to worried at night doing it. I would never attempt it during the day though.
I would love to hear your story too!!!

Hi Chris,
Hope your neighbor has a successful mission too(-:
Hows Dakota?(-:

Hi Renna,
The yellow Jackets go in the ground too. They will build wherever they feel at home I guess. The ones that stung me were living in the ground near my horse barn.
Do you think that your dog was bit by a snake? Scary thought)-:

CIELO said...

What a pretty blog!--and I love your quote: Life's a garden! How true! Thanks for stopping by my house in the roses; so nice meeting you!


Renna said...

"Do you think that your dog was bit by a snake? Scary thought)-:"

Though that thought did cross my mind, I'm sort of doubtful. My next door neighbor did find a copperhead snake in the Monkey grass growing around her Magnolia tree several years ago (and killed it), that's the only time we've ever found a snake in our yards. We live inside town, though there is an open wooded field only a half block away.

Plus, my dog being the escape artist that she is never goes outside except on the leash. She is constantly digging at the ground, though, so I'm betting a yellowjacket or Hornet tagged her.

cindee said...

Hi Cielo,
Thanks! And thanks for stopping by my blog too!!!

Hi Renna,
Glad it was not a copper head. Yikes...we have rattlesnakes here too and I always worry about Jack getting bit by one. ANything that moves he goes after so I have to watch him all the time. He would try and kill a rattlesnake I'm sure. Glad your dog is o.k.(-: