Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's Shakin' Today In California?

Besides EQ's? Well today I came up with a new motto for California. What'cha think?
California...The Shakin' and Bakin' State!

While I watched the news today of the current events, I was busy drilling holes to hang four prisms on my new recycled cup/saucer bird water dish. The birds can never have to much water, especially in the heat of summer. I think it turned out pretty cute especially after I had drilled two of the holes with the drill in the reverse direction!!! LOL No, I am not blonde. I have no idea what happened.(-: I thought it was the rechargeable battery. Well, I charged them up and it was still slow. I looked at the drill more closely, saw the problem and laughed at myself. It must be old age. What else can I blame it on? Well at least I did finish the bird water dish and it is on its copper pipe in the garden. Yay for the birdies!!!! Here is what it looks like...

The prisms really sparkle in the sun. I wish you could see them! They are real glass and old as the hills. My brother gave them to me. They were part of a light fixture that he rescued. I had been holding on to them trying to figure a way to use them. I have about ten of them, so I will have some to use in another project later.

I thought this birdhouse deserved a picture on my blog as well. It is quite dilapidated but it still serves a purpose.


Peggy said...

I have a couple of the teacup saucer bird water things somewhere. I need to find them and get them outside.

Perennial Gardener said...

What a cute little birdbath. I love your creative recycling of items that were meant for another purpose. The birdhouse has rustic charm.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Ohhhh that birdhouse!! My favorite rustic look in a garden. Wish I could see the sun hitting the prisms--bet it is pretty!
Did you feel the earthquake! Hope things your way are ok!

Laurie Fischer said...

Ahh the teacup and saucer is cute! I just saw some of them at the garden center where I work part time. I may have to get one!

Renna said...

The cup and saucer birdbath's are darling! I'd love to know how to make one myself. :-)

Cindee, you should pitch your name idea to the California Board of Tourism. ;-)

Eve said...

I am happy to see you are not too shook up but I have faith in you. IF anything had broken, you would just make a mosaic out of it or repurpose it. LOL

I like the prism idea. That is really cute and sparkly.

cindee said...

Hi Peggy,
That is great. I hope you find them and can put them out for the birds!!!

Hi Perennial gardener,

Hi meadowview thymes,
Glad you like the birdhouse! The prisms are really cool in the sun!
I did not feel the EQ we are wayyyyy up north!!! But we have had them here before I know what its like.

Hi Laurie,
Thanks!!! They are easy to make! You could always try one yourself!
All you need is some GE Silicone glue and the cup/plate to glue it to. (-:

Hi Renna, LOL at the new motto for CA(-:
You should try making one too. Its really a fun thing to do and its really pretty easy.

Hi Eve, Thanks!! I bet there will be a lot of people that throw out really great things because they are chipped etc from the EQ. TO bad. I could use them(-:

Anna said...

Glad the earthquake situation is better. That is such a crazy situation to be in and especially for us East folks who panic at the thoughts of ot. You are sure the only person I know putting up t-cup saucers during earthquake

cindee said...

Hi Anna,
The EQ didn't bother me except I was watching the news about that mom from FL in jail who has the missing 2 year old and they cut in to say that there was an EQ. I never did get to hear what else was going with that mom. After that news that was all I heard all day. I have several family/friends in the L.A. area and I decided they were not in danger so I was not to worried.

Plumbnelly said...

The prisms are beautiful on your birdbath! I have always loved your garden pictures on the garden junk forum. Just a note- I begin each day with your blog and Robomargo's. I am always anxious to see what unique ideas will come next. So glad your smoke has cleared. Thanks for sharing all your cool creations.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

You are sooo creative! :)

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, I love that idea! The prisms are magnificent! I don't have the nerve yet to use a drill. Something about it just scares me a little. Isn't that silly? Think what all I could make to put out for my vast collection of garden art!

Anna said...

Shaking and Baking---I missed that the first time I read it---way to funny. We had an earthquake last summer and it did cause damage to some of our old buildings. We never have them so we aren't prepared. Our buildings don't bend.

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOVE the teacup, Cindee!! How do you come up with such wonderful ideas? *sigh*
You are my hero....

Jamie said...

Very cute, Cindee! I have some crystals my mom gave me sitting in a drawer somewhere... now I just have to find a tea cup. How did you attached the tea cup to the pipe?

cindee said...

Hi Plumbnelly,
Thanks for your nice comment. Isn't Garden Web fun? I love everything that everyone makes on there!!!!

Hi Kathi,
Thanks!!!! I am working on a new one too.

Hi Brenda,
Don't be affraid of the drill. Its easy once you get use to it(-: You could make a lot of creations!!!
Thanks for your comments!!!!

Hi Anna,
Shakin' and Bakin' Theres a difference you know...LOL(-:
It would be scary for you guys to have an EQ there I'm sure. It is a rare occurance.

Hi Farm Chick Paula,
Most of my ideas originate from Garden Web(-: I add my own twists to them of course(-:

Hi Jamie,
Thanks!!!! I used GE Silicone glue to attach the cup to the plate(-: Check out the Thrift Stores/Salvation Army for tea cups!

Mary Ellen said...

Cindy- Love your little feeders with the crystals! I am wondering if you would mind if I put a pic of these on my blog? I saw the garden totems in the new country gardens mag and it got me looking on the internet, which led me to you and your sweet feeders. I wanted to share the idea with my friends if you don't mind- will put a link if you would like so they can come to your blog-

Thank you!! Mary

cindee said...

Hi Mary,
You can go ahead and use my pictures on your blog. Thanks for your interest!!!!(-: Also thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!!! I will stop by yours too!