Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Should We Do This Week? Oh...Let's Build A Bridge!

The bridge to our house was in need of repair so my dad, husband, son, brother and nephew all worked together to get it repaired. Here are the pictures of the process and outcome!!!!!
I didn't get pictures of the before because no one took any...They were half way through before they took pictures.

During... My Son and Nephew

During... My Son and Nephew

During...Another of My Son and Nephew

During...My Son and Nephew

My Brother and Nephew

During... My Son


During... My Son


Finished and ready to go


Brenda Kula said...

My goodness, is it part of your property and that's why you have to fix it yourself? Thankful you had some brawn to do it!

cindee said...

Hi Brenda, Yeah that is my dads property. Every so many years it has to be taken apart and re-done. Wear and tear and all that(-: The guys are worn out. They all need a vacation now.

Renna said...

I'm impressed by the mere fact that they'd know how to build or repair a bridge, not to mention the hard (and dirty) work involved!

It looks like they did a great job, too. :-)

Cinj said...

Wow, no kidding Renna! I wouldn't have a clue how to fix a bridge I like the sides of it, it reminds me of those neat old covered bridges.

Peggy said...

Nice bridge! They did a great job

em said...

very original content! who of us needs to build a bridge? i love it!

chuck b. said...

Wow. Now that's a sense of accomplishment for the weekend!

Rick said...

A bridge. To your house. A metal trussed, wood floor bridge to get to your house! My mind is trying to get around this fact. I mean, a yellow brick road I have heard of... ! :-)

cindee said...

Hi Renna,
My dad owned his own construction company until he retired so he knows a lot about things.(-: It was a big job for everyone.

Hi Cinj,
It is a very old bridge. It was moved from another location about 35 years ago. It use to be an old logging bridge back in the day.

Thanks Peggy!

Hi em(-: Not many people have to have a bridge to get to their house.....(-:

Thanks Chuck. It is a big accomplishment!

Hi Rick,
Yeah that yellow brick road would be a lot easier to navigate too!!
My grandchildren can sing ...over the bridge and down the dirt grandmothers house we go...(-:

Robolady said...

Hi Cindee, are you the cindee with the garden of lost souls?
Glad to find your blog.

cindee said...

Hi Robolady, Thanks for stopping by...And... yep thats me with the garden of lost soles(-:

Eve said...

That is quite an undertaking! I am with renna. I can't imagine any member of this family having to buid a bridge. When we built our first little house, my lovely DH used a level that was not level. Turned out to be more of lean-to than a house.....LOL...but we were young then and didn't care..Mother Earth hippies... : )

Outer Banks Mom said...

WOW! What a job and it looks amazing as does the area you live. Your 4th decorations were fantastic, Cindee!

Anna said...

That is so cool. You really have something there to be proud of and with the good care will last a few more generations. I think it really makes a statement. I'm with everyone else--no way we would be able to tackle such a building project. I love that you got when it was already old.