Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Violets and Old Violets

I am still working on the violet leaves I got back in April. Here are two more leaves that have sprouted babies.(-: I still have about 8 more pots of leaves that have not produced baby leaves yet. Maybe next month? LOL These are all suppose to be very pretty violets when they bloom. I hope I actually see some flowers someday!

And now on to the good old reliables...Not sure on the names of these violets. They were either given to me as starts or I bought them at the store without names.

I have had this ruffled pink violet for years. It was given as a leaf from a friend. I have shared many starts. It is a really good bloomer.

I put the penny on the leaf for comparison with the below photo

I recently bought this plant at a garage sale. It has huge leaves. They are a very pretty variegated green/white. The leaves make the plant. The flowers are just a plain little pink.


Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I've never grown violets, yours are so beautiful!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Kathi :)

Renna said...

My late mother-in-law grew violets. She always had several pots lining her window sills. I'd admire their lovely little blooms, she'd insist I take one home, I'd let it die. End of story. I'm not sure if they require a certain shade of green in one's thumb to grow them, or if it's as simple a thing as remembering to water them (picture blushed face here).

Your's are pretty, Cindee! :-)

Perennial Gardener said...

Beautiful violets Cindee. My grandmother always grew them in her kitchen windowsill. I love that varigaged one!

Outer Banks Mom said...

They are really pretty. Don't you just love yard sale plants?! I love getting those great deals.

Brenda Kula said...

I can't have indoor plants now, as I have one cat that eats them. But I use to have gorgeous violets. I love your idea of starting many from leaf, as this would be like incubating a baby! (I've got baby on the brain, don't I?)

cindee said...

Hi Kathi,
Violets are easy to grow really. They just take a bit of time.(-: Like

Hi Renna,
I have them lining my window sills now too. LOL They are so pretty and I can't seem to kill them. I don't know what the problem They really do need to be watered on a regular schedule. But I have even forgot to do that and they just popped right back. They don't like over watering though.

Hi Perennial Gardener,
Thanks!!! It does seem to be a grandmother plant...

Hi Outer Banks Mom,
OMGosh YES I love garage sale plants!!! They are the best!!!!! Such good deals!!!!

Hi Brenda,
Yes you do have baby on the mind. But that is a normal thing since you are having a new grand daughter....(-: Violets do remind me of babies. They need a lot of love and attention(-: Sorry the cats eat your plants. I don't have inside cats so I guess I don't have to worry. Jack doesn't care about plants inside or out as long as there is not a mouse involved.

Eve said...

I love violets and yours are really pretty. I have heard they are easy to propagate but I have Pepper who has never left anything alone in his little short life,, : ) so I doubt he would let me own any. We know who is boss in this house and it ain't us.

Anna said...

I would have thought they would be bigger too? Your reliable ones are grand though. I do have a good spot for them in my new home. I should give them a try. It will brighten the winter.

cindee said...

Hi Eve,
Thanks for commenting. I think they are basically easy to start it just takes forever it seems. I started them in April and these two just now got new leaves. I have three others that have leaves and are growing well. It seems once they break ground they take off.
Hi Anna,
I think you should grow some too. They are pretty fun and they do really cheer up the winter time blues!!! Buy a growing /blooming one from a store to start out with and then if you want leaves from mine I would be glad to send you some(-:

Alex said...

Cindee, I really, really love that bird bath/water dish you made!!! How did you make that? I'd love to have your "special recipe" in my garden here! :)

Anna said...

Thank you for the offer Cindee but we have lots around here. Several nurseries have them so i'm set. But thank you so much for the offer.

cindee said...

Hi Alex,
The bird bath/water dish is made from an enamelware old bowl/plate. I just GE Silicone glued them together and then glued a copper flange on the bottom of the plate that would fit the size of the copper pipe I had. It is 3/4". I drilled holes in the plate to attache the prisms to. Thats all I did. You could use anything and do it the same way. Old cups/saucers work great too. Even a pie pan.
Thanks for writing. I hope you are having a good day!!!!!

cindee said...

Hi Anna,
Well if I have any of the violets you are looking for I would be glad to share.(-: We don't get special ones here. Just the Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart generic ones. I ordered my leaves from Blue Bird Greenhouse nursery.

lola said...

Hi Cindee,
I just wondered over to your site & was looking at your violets. They are gorgeous. I use to have them but got away from them. Now I'm starting to get some back. All from the big box store so no names or tags. How can I find out the names?
Also the green/white leaved one is awesome. I sure would like to get one of those. Where in the world did you find that rare one?

cindee said...

Hi Lola,
I don't know how you could find out the names of the ones you have. Maybe on a violet site? You could try Blue Bird Greehouse.
I would be glad to give you a start from my varigated violet. Email me and give me your address and I will put one in an envelope and mail it to you(-:

l said...

Cindee, I don't know your add. Don't know how to get it. Sent you a note about this before. For some reason it didn't go through.

lola said...

l aka Lola

cindee said...

Hi Lola,
It is