Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Fun With Crystals

I couldn't resist making another bird bath/water dish. I did it the same way as the previous one. I thought it looked nice setting next to the pretty daylillies(-: I still have more crystals so don't be alarmed if you see me creating more of these fun little items(-:

Also...Mary Craig decided she did not want to be left out of the photo op. She has produced a new leaf. I have 7 more violets to go...(-: When will another one pop one out?(-: Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe tomorrow???? Stay tuned...


Perennial Gardener said...

Wow Cindee, I love this version of the birdbath with the bowl instead of the cup. Your violet is doing really well.

Eve said...

Now that is something! I never thought of that. I am alway afraid to drill into glass or china. Did you drill or use silicone glue?

I hung them around the bottom of one of my hanging baskets but one certain cat, wouldn't leave them along. I was afraid he was going to knock the pot down on his head. LOL

Brenda Kula said...

I am lovin' those crystals! I love things that sparkle in the sun. Now, where do I get them...

Anna said...

With the weather you've been having, it's good to have lots of birdbaths. I love this own because of the bowl. Is it shake an bake resistant?

Jamie said...

Your violets all look so luch and healthy! I have one, and I am thankful I've kept it alive and can get it to rebloom. ;) It took me years to figure this out. LOL.

Cute crystals... :)

This Eclectic Life said...

Pretty! I have a ton of those crystals from a chandelier that was left in a house we once owned. Tell me if you run out and I'll send you some! lol

cindee said...

Hi perennial gardener,
Thanks for writing!!! I am glad you like the new bird water dish!

Hi Eve,
I drilled through the glass. You buy a special drill bit to do that. It takes a while but its not hard to do. I used silicone to glue the items together. Cats would be fasinated with them thats for sure(-:

Hi Brenda,
Thanks!!! Try thrift shops and flea markets. They probably would have them.

Hi Anna,
Thanks!! The birds do need extra water on hot days(-: So do bees and butterflies!!!
I am not sure if its shake and bake resistant or not though...(-:

Hi Jamie,
Thanks! Violets are fun to grow I think(-:

Hi Shelly,
Thanks!! I am sure if you wanted to sell the crystals I could find some people who wanted them(-:
How exciting to have a whole chandelier of them(-: Just think of all the neat stuff you could make(-:

Renna said...

I just love your little birdbaths, Cindee!