Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet Lowell

Lowell is the name of my new Bowling Ball. It was his given name. It was engraved on him. So here is the journey of Lowell. He started off as a plain old blue bowling ball. Retired or discarded to the Salvation Army. I don't know his previous owner.
I decided Lowell should be sparkly and pretty. (-: I began by washing Lowell with a clean rag and drying him.

As you can see the GE Silicone glue in the picture is what I used to glue the mirror pieces on. I let them dry over night and finished gluing the rest on in the morning. I left one hole open so I could set him on a piece of rebar in the garden. You don't have to do that if you don't want to. I just find its easier to do it that way so the bowling ball does not fall and break.

Now the fun begins. Lowell needs to be grouted. I mixed black grout that I bought at Lowes. (not related to Lowell) in a bowl. This is a very messy job. Wear gloves and be prepared for a messy clean up.

I cover the bowling ball really well smoothing it in between the mirrors.

When I get enough covered I wipe it with a damp cloth. Later I will wipe with damp sponges.

Lowell is ready for his sponge bath. He enjoys this part I'm sure. It is very messy and it gets everywhere. Make sure you put a towel down to catch the falling debris.

Continue to wipe all the access grout off slowly and softly until the bowling ball is almost clean. It won't be real clean until the grout is dry and you can buff it.

I used a zip lock baggie to save the grout I mixed for applying to the other half of the bowling ball. This way it doesn't dry out and you can just throw away the plastic baggie when you are finished.

Yay...Lowell is all done and ready to roll. I haven't decided where to put him at yet. I want him to sparkle in the sunshine so I will find a place that the sun will hit. It was hard to get the sparkle to show in the pictures but its there(-: Boy does he sparkle and shine!!!


Laurie Fischer said...

Lowell is very shiny and sparkly. Very creative! I have an old bowling ball in the upstairs closet that will never get used (it is hubbys) me ideas. Great job!

Renna said...

Oh my goodness! You have the most creative mind! I have passed up so many old bowling balls in thrift stores over the years, with no clue what beautiful garden art they could become! It's beautiful!!!

Anna said...

I love it! Much sturdier than a mercury glass ball. I want to make one out of old buttons but I can't find enough buttons:(

Farm Chick Paula said...

Girl, you are so creative!!!
Who would have thunk you could do that to an old bowling ball? You are awesome!

cindee said...

Hi Laurie, Thanks for your kind words(-: I think you should get out that bowling ball and do something with it(-: My first bowling ball belonged to my husband too...(-: He wasn't to excited about my idea but he liked it after it was done.

Hi Renna, Thanks!!!! They are fun to decorate and cheap too. Sometimes free(-: They are very heavy so that is the only draw back.

Hi Anna, Thanks!!! The button bowling ball would be wonderful. Check at flea markets for buttons. Sometimes I see them by the box full for cheap. You could even put an ad on freecycle for some. Wouldn't it be cute in red/white and blue buttons? Oh that gives me ideas... I have four more bowling balls sitting in the garage...(-:

Hi Paula! Thanks!!! Glad you liked Lowell(-:

Gail said...

Love it and I do love to mosaic! I will have to show you some projects of mine sometime. It is a fun hobby isn't it! Thanks to Anna for this link...I thought I had all of you girls bookmarked...Gail

cindee said...

Hi Gail, I would love to see your mmosaic items(-: Thanks for dropping by!!(-:

Susie said...

You are so creative!!! What a great idea for an old bowling ball.

Rick said...

Cindee girl, you just rock!
Thanks for the full story this time on how you put it together. And fellow readers, if you search on Cindee's blog, you will find other posts where she has talked about the bowling ball project. Way cool! This is a for sure winter project for me.

cindee said...

Hi Susie, Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Glad you like Lowell(-:

Hi Rick, I can't wait to see your creations. They are fun to make(-: It will keep you busy in the winter months. They make nice gifts too so you could make some for Christmas or Birtday etc. Glad the instructions were helpful(-:

Leslie said...

Love it!!!!!

This Eclectic Life said...

I like it! But, I couldn't do that to "George." He's the orange bowling ball I picked up at a yard sale (actually, he's the right weight for me, if I would ever get off my rear and go bowling). Lowell's much prettier than those globes they sell at the garden store. Good job.

Jamie said...

I'm smitten with Lowell, Cindee. He's great! I love that you name them!

Eve said...

I started doing these on gardenweb in 2001. You can see some of mine on the beginning of my garden blog. I have a ladybug and a carnival glass one, I think. I also glued pennies and grouted and put old jewelry on one. They are in my flikr photos.

I never put mirror on one. I'll have to try that. I'll tell you one thing, the Hurricane can't blow this away. LOL

cindee said...

Hi Leslie, Thank You!

Hi Shelly, Thanks for writing(-: I answered you in an email(-:

Hi Jamie, Lowell was the name engraved on the bowling ball so I just kept that name(-: LOL I am glad you like him.

Hi Eve,
I would love to see your bowling balls. Please leave a link so we can all see them(-: Thanks for commenting!!!!

Eve said...

Here you go. This is where this all started because I couldn't afford a gazing ball and glued half marbles and pennies on bowling balls.

Addicted to bowling balls

Katherinellen said...

Wow! That Lowell is beautiful! Never thought that you can make a gazing ball out of a bowling ball. You are so creative! I found your blog through Annie. Hope you don't mind me putting your blog on my blgo list. :) Smiles

cindee said...

Thanks Eve. I think I have been there before from Garden Junk forum. Cool bowling balls(-:

Hi Katherine, Thanks for stopping by!!! And thanks for your compliments!!!! Thanks for putting my blog on your blog list. I will add you to mine too(-:

Perennial Gardener said...

I love it! That is a perfect solution to a gazing ball. The glass is so thin on those things and they break so easily. Very clever way to recycle something!