Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garden Spider

Thought I would share this great picture I took last summer of a nice garden spider that built her web on my window. We all had a lot of fun feeding the spider grasshoppers and watching her spin a web around them. It was great entertainment!!! I have not seen any of these spiders this year. I wonder where they went? Maybe the smoke has discouraged them from building their webs. Its a mystery. Usually I see them everywhere. Sometimes I see them up close and personal while I am weeding or pruning. Its a major yikes moment!


Perennial Gardener said...

That would be a yikes! moment for me too. I'm not crazy about spiders but I know they are a beneficial insect in the garden.

Kanak Hagjer said...

I've only recently started taking photos of garden spiders and noticed the touches of color on them. Your spider's got a beautiful marking...I'd love to phograph a spider like that---from a safe distance, of course!!!

Jamie said...

Wow! I used to have the worst arachnophobia, but gardening over the last few years has cured me. I let them stay now. We feed them stuff, too. Your spider is very pretty... :)

Brenda Kula said...

I have always had a "thing" about spiders. If they leave me alone; I leave them alone. One of my earliest childhood memories is of waking up and realizing a spider was on my lips. Talk about a wake up call!

Renna said...

The first time I saw one of those, it was a HUGE one crawling on the ground near my feet. It was indeed a 'yikes' moment!

When I later found one (big, but not huge) on the outside of my bedroom window, I decided to google it. That's when I discovered it was harmless to me, and a positive asset to my yard.

I waited with impatience all the following winter, hoping to get to see it's egg sac hatch, but alas, I missed the grand event. I am normally freakish about seeing spiders, but I enjoy watching this kind. They are striking up close! :-)

cindee said...

Hi Perennial gardener,
It is hard to look at a spider and think it is useful...lol(-: But this one is pretty(-:

Hi Kanak,
That spider does have a very pretty color and marking. It is just something I would rather not have crawling on me(-:

Hi Jamie, Feeding the spiders is fun to watch(-: I bet your kids love to see that too!

Hi Brenda, Yikes on your lips? I would have a melt down. That would be an OMG moment for sure.

Hi Renna,
I waited to see the eggs hatch too and I never saw them. I even left the egg sack up all summer that year because I wasn't sure when it was going to happen. I wonder if they left while I was not looking...(-: That spider actually made two egg sacks. One was up high and one was closer to the ground. I left them both there.

Eve said...

Great close up Cindee..Now that you mention it, I haven't seen many webs this year. I had to duck under this particular one every year for the past three years, tucked between a Crepe Myrtle and a shrub oak and it hasn't been there this year. Maybe the poor old spider who built it, moved on to greener pastures.

Susie said...

I don't like spiders much myself! I do find those type spiders interesting though. Their webs looks so tough.

Alex said...

Ok...THAT creeped me out. Spiders....ewwwww! :)

I wanted to stop and say thank you for your love, support and prayers. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, we'll get some answers tomorrow from the biopsy.

thank you.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Yikes, that's a big, ugly spider. I prefer not to see the spiders, they are they for good reasons but they should not be seen :)

cindee said...

Hi Eve, It is weird that you usually see the spiders and this year there are not any. I wonder where they are. I will keep looking(-:

Hi Susie, Their webs are tough. Amazing to watch them build it too. They rebuild often. They are very pretty.

Hi Kathy, Its o.k. to see them if you know where they are. Its not good when all of a sudden you have a web in your face!!!(-:

Anna said...

Something always reminds me of something else--and now I'm singing that song---where have all the spiders gone...long time passing. lol Where did your spiders go? Maybe it's a good season in the garden and they don't need to be by the window.

Anne Fannie said...

Oh my, I hate spiders. When we bought our home and was doing the walk through, the lady before me took me out in the garden and showed me this HUGE spider and web and said it was her pet and looked at me to say that I would love it like her......I told her that was the first thing that was going to go.....the next day she moved the spider to someone else's yard! It was to funny!

Kathy said...

EWWWWWWW! That really gives me the "willies!" LOL! EWWWWWWWWW!