Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's Bloomin' Today?

Cecil Brunner


Easter Lilly

The Cecil Brunner is a very prolific bloomer.
The Hollyhock is blooming this year for the first time. I hope it reseeds and continues to do well.
The Easter Lilly is a plant I bought a few years ago at the store for Easter. It continues to return every year...just not at Easter(-:


Renna said...

They're all beautiful, but I'm particularly fond of Hollyhocks.

cindee said...

Hi Renna,
I love hollyhocks too. I have had trouble with them in the past but maybe I figured it out...lol(-: Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Outer Banks Mom said...

My Hollyhocks are blooming too! They are so pretty, one of my favorites :)