Friday, June 20, 2008

Semps in a wheelbarrow update

Had to share a new picture of the Semps. They are all doing so well. I love all the different colors of each of them. I have been really busy this week. I am re-doing my son's room. He went on a vacation and I thought I would surprise him when he gets back. It will be like the show Extreme Makeover. LOL!!! He is a major pack rat so its been quite an operation to get it done. After I re-did my daughters room a few months ago he said he wanted me to help him with his. Well, we never did get to it so I thought this would be a great time, since he will be gone for a couple weeks. His best friend just got discharged from the Marines after four years and is coming home. My son and his three other friends flew out to meet him in North Carolina. All five of them will drive back to California sight seeing along the way. Kinda cramped up in his new jeep but they are having a great time. So far they have been to West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and are on their way to Kentucky.


gardenpath said...

Love these, and the way you have them displayed!

Vickie said...

You have given me a new project to start. As if I need anymore projects but one more won't hurt. lol Hope your son has a save trip going cross country. What a fun way to see our country!

Brenda Kula said...

You are such a sweet mother! And I love your idea in the photo. Think I may have to try something like that.

Anna said...

I waved at them wen they went by me in NC! I didn't tell him you were fixing up his room though. I sure wanted to;)

Your semps have grown a good bit. Did you put anything in the bottom of the wheelbarrow? How does it drain or do the bolt holes leak? How often do you have to water it? It looks so interesting!

cindee said...

Hi Gardenpath,Vickie and Brenda! Thanks for your kind words!!

Hi Anna,
I am sure he saw you wave...(-:
He is in Arkansas tonight. They are going to head towards the Grand Canyon tomorrow. They are having a blast!!! They went to Fort Knox and the Airforce Museum yesterday and really enjoyed that.
The semps I water everyday. It dries out fast in the wheelbarrow. it has holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow for drainage. They have really grown a lot in the past month. I can't wait to see how they look in another month(-:

Margaret said...

Thanks, Cindee, for visiting me on my blog and for leading me here. A lot to see! I am jealous of your son's trip as I have always wanted to get to the Grand Canyon and somehow never do. I share your love of Sempervivums, and put them in my veg garden over the winter then pot them up again each year to show off (in my climate pots can't stay outside all winter!).

allaboutattitude said...

Oooh ....... its always fun to have little projects around the house

Susie said...


I just stumbled onto your blog and I think it looks great! Love your display of sempervivums.

Kanak Hagjer said...

What an attractive display! And going by the photos of your other arrangements in the garden, I'm sure the Extreme makeover will be awesome! And thanks Cindee, I saw my blog on your blog list and I'm thrilled to bits!!!

Mel said...

Oh, how we miss traveling, with the price of gas doesn't look we will be going far from home these days. It's awesome that your son and his friends get to experience and explore our beautiful country.

I have a few old wheelbarrows would like to plant in, maybe one day!

cindee said...

Hi Margaret, I talked to my son last night and seems he is ready to come You know the old saying...Theres no place like home. They should be home around Saturday. Lots of driving and its crowded in the jeep. (-:

allaboutattitude, Thanks for stopping by!!! I finished my project and I am happy with the results!!!! Hope my son will be too!!!!

Hi Susie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. I appreciate it!!!

Hi Kanak Hagjer, Thanks, I really am enjoying my semps this year!!!

Hi Mel, Thanks for stopping by!!! I know with gas prices I won't be going anywhere this summer. Just hanging out at home doing my gardening and crafts on those hot days!!! I have sewing projects I would like to get to also. I hope you get your wheelbarrows planted someday too!!!

Outer Banks Mom said...

I tagged you Cindee! Check out if you'd like to play along. :)