Saturday, June 7, 2008

PlaNtEd ShOe WiTh SeDuM & a DaYliLy

The shoe is resin with mice peeking out of holes around the shoe. The sedum is Sedum rupestre. My daughter got the shoe for me at the flea market.(-:
Not sure on the name of the daylily but it is a pretty light pink with a purple ring around the center. A small plant over all.


Lin said...

Cute shoe planter...healthy looking plants! I was checking out my daylilies earlier and wondering why the rabbits feast on some, but not others. It's a mystery! I've come up with my own list of pest-resistant plants that's sort of my "go-to" list, unless there's something special that catches my eye. I'm always buying new-to-me plants.

How about you? Do you have a "never-fail" plant list, too?

cindee said...

Hi Lin, I have several no fail plants,and I too am always trying new ones. I love just about all plants and I love to try things but I have found several things that are a waste of time and money to grow. One of those things that do not make it here are fushias. It's to hot and dry for them. I gave up years ago on those. They look pretty for a couple weeks then they die. I hate having something just drop dead after getting it. Sedums and Semps are a new favorite for me. I started a few a couple years ago and they just thrived! I do have to keep them watered everyday in the heat though.

Brenda Kula said...

Had me fooled! I thought it was just an old shoe, which I've seen done in magazines. It is very cute!

tina said...

Your shoe looks super. I see you like a bit of whimsy too. Can never have too much for the smiles it brings.