Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Daylilies


Old passalong double orange daylily

I got a start of the orange one about 20 years ago from my great aunt. She is almost 102. She was always an avid gardener and shared many plants from her yard with me.(-:
This plant has been divided and moved everywhere in my yard. I love the look and color of it.
The Hotlips I just got at the nursery a couple weeks ago. I wasn't sure on the color but they said it was red and that is what I wanted. I was not disapointed. It is a beautiful red.


Lin said...

Beautiful daylilies! I wish they were not so attractive to the hungry bunnies that call my garden home!

cindee said...

Thanks Lin,
Thats why you plant tons of the bunnies can have some too(-: LOL

tina said...

I call those doubles the spider daylillies. They are quite different in my garden.