Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just Ducky

The ceramic duck was a thrift store purchase and he fits just fine inbetween the flowers. The bird bath was from Lowes.


Brenda Kula said...

I keep telling myself all this week to get over to Goodwill and look around. Haven't done that in awhile. But you can get some great things! Gotta get something done with the bare bathroom!

Lin said...

Duck looks cute there among your flowers. You seem to have the best luck finding thrift shop treasures for your garden! I need to get to the local thrifts more often.

Renna said...

Sometimes I wonder where my head is! My mom and I were recently at a garage sale where they had some cute LARGE ceramic ducks for less than fifty cents. I knew I'd never use them inside the house, and it never even occurred to me to put them in the flower beds, even though I have other ceramic critters out there!

Sigh...oh, well maybe I'll find some in a thrift store, too. Your's looks adorable.

Anna said...

Yes, you do find the best stuff. But then you know just how to use them too. It takes a good eye to know where to put them. Your flowers look great there too. Woo hoo Cindee----we can play for the summer--no more school!!!

cindee said...

Brenda, Lin, Renna,
Yes...you can find wonderful items at the Salvation Army or the Flea Market and the prices are perfect for something you want to set in your garden too!!! Also the best part...you are recycling something that might otherwise be thrown away. Our local Salvation Army has 50% off days on Fridays usually. Thats when I usually try to go. I predict a big abundance of garage sales and flea market offerings.

Anna, Thanks!!! (-: Just two more work days left!!! I can hardly wait. My grand-dog is coming to visit on Friday too so that will be a fun day(-: