Sunday, June 29, 2008

Got Ants?

It seems that when it is dry and hot the ants come marching. I have noticed a lot more activity lately around the garden now that summer is here. The smoke is not bothering them I guess.
I bought this ant at a garden center one year because a friend kept telling me how big the ants were in Texas...(-: So... I got one extra big and said well, California has big ants too.(-:


Brenda Kula said...

Well, I love the ant! At least the one you have that doesn't move from its spot! And honey, we do have most everything big here in Texas.

cindee said...

LOL Brenda... Oh yes I know everything is bigger in TX(-:

ChrisND said...

Yes, I've seen many ants come marching here. Although none as large as yours! :-)

Rick said...

Good to see you outside again. Or are you posting using archive photos? How is the smoke situation in your area?

Anna said...

I hope they don't get that big around here. I do like your iron ant though. It has a great patina. You've got some of the best stuff! It's one of those gardens where there is a suprise in every corner like a lot little decorated rooms.

cindee said...

Hi Chrisnd, Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope no one has ants that big!!! lol

Hi Rick, I go outside to check the plants out and water twice a day. Not for long though. I am sick of the fires. Hopefully they will be out soon! Hope you are doing well!

Hi Anna, Glad you like that ant. I love to collect fun garden art!!! It makes me smile when I see it!

Philip Bewley said...

That ant is great! Isn't the smoke the pits!!! We are miles away from fires and some days it has been unpleasant. I sincerely hope you are OK!!!!
Regards :)