Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Cashmere Flower

Does anyone have one of these growing in their garden? You can't kill them so they are a good plant for someone who doesn't have any gardening skills. (-: They multiply like crazy and they require little attention. What more could you ask for? I bought a one gallon plant about 16 years ago and now I could start my own nursery of one gallon pots of Cashmere Plant. Oh and they smell Horrendous !!!! I am not kidding either they down right stink!!! What is there to like about this plant? Well like I said you don't have to do much and they keep on growing. The flowers are pretty. Just don't cut one for the house.


Brenda Kula said...

I don't think I've ever seen this plant. But I like the takes-care-of-itself, can't kill it plant!

Renna said...

I'll have to look into whether they are good for my region or not. They really are pretty, and I wouldn't mind having something smelly as long as it's not near the house.

I have a good area on the backside of my privacy fence, which faces the paved alley (we have rear entry driveways). That way the neighbors could enjoy them as they drive by, but no one would be offended by the smell! ;-)

Anna said...

I don't have one but need it. I is my color and has pretty leaves. That's pretty amazing that it multiplied so much. I hope you are doing better today.