Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VeGgIe GaRdEn PlAnTeD

Left Side


Right Side

There are 20 Big Beef tomato plants, 20 red bell pepper plants, 6 burpless cucumber plants.


Anna said...

Where are the weeds? I have only three tomato plants and that is going to be plenty for my family. Who are you feeding==an army? They do look nice and healthy. I bet you sell them--am I right?

cindee said...

No weeds because of the cloth we put down. It really does work to keep the weeds away(-: I don't like pulling them in the veggie garden..to many bugs, snakes around etc. Believe it or not we give the veggies away. We just grow them for the fun of it. We eat what we can but then the rest my husband takes to his friends at work and people he knows etc.