Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time For A Bath?

I redid the fish tub because last summer a big old mean raccoon came and ate all my fish. I had to replace them this spring and decided to make an obstacle course for the raccoons for the next time they decide to mess with the gold fish. So far so good on that. The Mermaid was a mothers day gift from my DH.(-:


Meadowview Thymes said...

I love your blog! You do collect lots of "good old things" like I do. I especially loved the geranimum in the old chair you did as a gift. And, I feel for you losing your fish. I have a story about that very thing to post very soon. Made me very sad!
Happy Gardening!

Lisa in CA said...

Hi Cindee, I LOVE your "wash-tub" pond. What a cool idea. I hope those pesky raccoons leave your fish alone this time.

cindee said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for stopping by(-: I am glad you liked the old chair. I think it turned out pretty nice. I will look forward to reading your story. It is a sad thing to lose fish to raccoons)-:
That old bath tub was used for a horse watering tub for years. I finally decided it should be used as a pond(-: I have had it since I was 12 so it has a lot of good memories. I hope the raccoons leave the fish alone too!!!

Anna said...

Mean old coons--reminds me of the movie Forest Gump--he said his momma had coons once---she chased them off the porch with a broom! lol

tina said...

Mine is a regular old one, not a claw foot like yours. Love it. Hope the mean ol' raccoon stays away. I lost 5 of my 7 fish but don't know to what.

cindee said...

Well something has been in there lately and a few fish are MIA. I did see my cat there last night and he had knocked over the filtering sink...soooo I am wondering now if he is to blame.