Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Semps in a Wheelbarrow

Last summer I went on a Semp-a-holic spree. I ordered several different Semps. Well of course some were bigger then others so I decided to just pot them up and wait till the spring time to plant them somewhere. Well Spring is here and I still thought they were kinda small so I decided to just plant them in the old wheelbarrow and let them grow for this season.


Nancy J. Bond said...

They look charming in the wheel barrow. :)

Jamie said...

I'm so jealous, they're all so cool. I have one kind I keep dividing over and over and stuffing in every crevice I can find. LOL. Post some more picture as they grow.


cindee said...

Hi Nancy,
I really do love semps. They fill in so nice and always look so cheerful!!!

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the comment!! I will keep updating the picture as they grow(-: have you guys seen this site? http://www.rockstarplants.com/gallery.html
If you love semps you will freak over this one...(-:

Lets Plant said...

Great idea!! Now you can move them around!!