Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quail Nest and More Flowers

I had to share this picture because this to me is unbelievable. This quail is nesting next to my chicken pen right out in the open. We have two cats and a dog of course and she sits perfectly still when anyone comes near. So today I told her I was going to take her picture and post it on the blog. She smiled...(-: Mrs. Quail has 12 eggs in her nest. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of her babies when they hatch. (-:
Anyhow, I decided I better share a flower or two to make it fair... The rest of the yard is really going crazy with It looks so pretty and Springy!

The allium continues to grow bigger and bloom. Its in its third week now.

The bucket of foxgloves are blooming near the chicken pen. My brother planted them in the bucket and gave me the whole thing last year. Yes, he is the nicest brother in the world(-:

The yellow poker plant is looking more yellow so decided it needed a new picture. That is actually two separate blooms in the picture. My red/orange ones are starting to bloom also. I will get a picture of them next week when they are all blooming.


Barbee' said...

The flowers are beautiful!

You are so lucky to have quail. I hope the cats and dogs don't get them. They are all gone from this area. The cats cleared out all ground nesting birds. I miss hearing them. Especially the quails and whip-poor-wills.

theysaywordscanbleed said...

that is one well behaved quail.

East Bremerton flowers

Lin said...

We have a lot of quail in my area and I love to see the little chicks stringing behind Mom or Dad Quail...they're so cute! I've never had one nest in my yard like that--out in the open--though. I think my Black Lab would discourage that! Not to mention the owls and coyotes. (Have a cat, too, but he's strictly indoors--too many coyotes in the area.)

I guess whatever happens to the quail and her eggs, will be Mother Nature's will...though I'm rootin' for the quail!

cindee said...

I do feel lucky Barbee(-: We have a lot of the little ground birds like the killdeer. Last year I mowed the horse pen( my horse died so no one to eat the grass anymore) and almost mowed over a quail and her nest. I thought I had scared her away forever so I took the eggs and hatched them in the incubator. They all hatched and I let them go at the creek. I didn't realize they laid their eggs out in the open that way or I would have left the eggs there. I was just affraid that something would see her sitting there.
She just is a little sweetie sitting there(-:
I love seeing them run along behind their parents too. It's so cute. We use to have a lab too but he passed away last year. He wouldn't bother a fly unless he was hunting. We have coyotes here too and hawks etc. Hopefully she is camouflaged enough to blend in.

Jean Ann said...

That is so cool with the quail! I am so jealous...I can't wait to see the pics of the little ones...

Brenda Kula said...

I want to plant Foxgloves so badly! But I think they are poisonous to my pups!

Anna said...

Well everyone is welcome at your house! The quail seem willing to take a chance. I had a spot at my old house that liked foxgloves so maybe I can find a spot here. Your brother is a sweetie.