Thursday, May 15, 2008


Lots blooming today but I just had to take a quick picture of these beautiful flowers. I love them but of course my camera is not worth much. It just does not capture the real beautiful color. Oh well a new camera should be arriving soon at my house and out...(-: BTW how do you pronounce the name of these flowers??? Pee O Nee or... Pee A Nee???? I get a kick outta the way different people pronounce them. I go with Pee O nee myself...(-:


Helen said...

I say Pee O Nee

Anna said...

Pee O Nee's have it so far;) Is it Clem at Us or Clem A Tus? Is it Tow may toe or Tow may ta? Hoo Care Ah or Who Chair Uh?

cindee said...

Well I say Cla Mat Us LOL It does sound like a disease to me...LOL(-:
Tow May Toe for me too.