Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Items today

Got a great deal on the old milk can at a garage sale. 3 Dollars is all! The Jupiter's Beard I got for 5 dollars. I have seen them blooming around the area lately and wanted one. My Grandma use to have them growing in her yard. I always thought they were pretty.


Nancy J. Bond said...

What a steal on the milk can! My MIL buys them and paints country scenes on them, but I know for sure she's never found a deal like that! Kudos. :)

Lin said...

Great finds! Is the milk can for your garden?

I like the Jupiter's Beard. I'm wondering if we can grow the same plants. You're zone 9? What Sunset zone? Have you ever grown Protea, Leucospermum cuneforme? I just bought a couple to try...a "Goldie Pincushion" and a "High Gold Pincushion".

cindee said...

Hi Nancy,
This is the best deal I have ever got on a milk can. Except free of course from my Brother(-: I am so thrilled with my purchase.!!!!!!
Hi Lin,
Yes the Milk Can is going in the garden(-: Somewhere not sure yet!!!
Zone 9 in Northern California... High summer temps reach 120 lowest winter temps around 15-20 degrees. Usually around 29 though for a low. Summer is nasty hot and dry here. So if you are in anything like that it will grow fine.LOL(-: Or if you are below those highs it would be better no doubt. I guess mainly its very dry here not humid like back east or my favorite place, Texas(-: Not sure on the sunset zone. I am in Redding,CA
I wish it was cooler in the summer but oh well. I just have to deal with a major heat wave then things start growing again(-: I only have 15 days till summer vacation!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!

cindee said...

whoops make that 25 days till summer vacation...LOL

Lin said...

Sounds like Redding has hotter and colder temps than where I am in Southern California---San Diego County. Still plenty warm here for me, though we do have wonderful summer evenings without the bugs and humidity that some areas have to contend with. Luckily, we can grow most things. Have removed all of the grass from the front and back yards and gone to a lot of CA natives and Mediterranean/drought-tolerant plants to conserve water (which is a big concern in Southern CA).

Every place has its pros and cons, that's for sure. :)

Texas is your favorite place..Are you from there? Dh and I have family there.

cindee said...

I think San Diego area would be fine to grow these plants. Probably grow a lot better there(-:
Texas just seems so down to earth..everyone I have met from there seems so nice and friendly. Of course the cowboy population helps too(-:

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

What a great deal on those milk cans. I'm glad they found a new home. It always makes me happy to see things other people don't want adopted by people who will find a way to reuse them--a kind of stewardship.