Sunday, May 25, 2008


I looked out at the birds and there was a huge goldfinch eating out of the
humming-bird feeder! I thought...what a hog!!! Then I thought wait, that isn't a goldfinch...but what is it? So I had to go online and search until I found what I think it is called.
A Bullocks Oriole.
It is really pretty and there is a female too. Which means they probably have a nest somewhere around close by. Anyhow, if anyone has another guess let me know otherwise I am guessing its a Bullocks Oriole!
Oh and before you ask what is wrapped around the top of the hummingbird feeder...That is a ant stopper. You take a piece of flannel(I cut it in strips) soaked in plain old cooking oil and wring it out so to speak. Then you wrap it around the top of the hummingbird feeder and ants won't cross over it. My great aunt told me this trick to keep those pesky ants away. I am sure there are other things you can buy that are much prettier and all that but this is a freebie and it works so I never checked into anything else(-:


Outer Banks Mom said...

Hahahahah! That was great and exactly what I would've been thinking too. Have you seen any hummingbirds yet? I have the same feeder! :)

Kevin and Beth said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your blog is beautiful! Our goose is an Ebden. Does your duck mind going outside or has she been outside all along. I am worried about my goose being by himself when we go to work. We have him in the house with two turkeys in his pen now but the turkeys need to go out. Do you think he will put up a fuss if he goes out with the turkeys? I'm not sure what is best for him. Thr goose lady said he will want to be with us cause he has "imprinted" on us. What do you think.

cindee said...

Hi Kevin and Beth!
Thanks for visiting!!!
The goose will adapt to your schedule but I wouldn't just put him out in the yard when you leave. I would put him in a cage so he can't be airlifted by a hawk or something else. I think he will be fine with the turkeys since they are use to each other now.
My duck does fine out in her pen in the day and when I get home she wants lots of attention. She will let me know when she wants something. She "talks" LOL When she hears someone come home she really "talks" Geese become very possessive of their human parents. They will be great watch dogs so to speak. And when they are full grown will still want you to hold them and hug them. It is funny to see a goose full grown giving hugs(-:
My duck is brought in each night to sleep in a dog crate. She knows the the door and say bedtime and she comes running! And in the morning she is ready to go out and play. I don't want to take a chance that something could eat her. She doesn't want to be with the chickens so thats why she sleeps in the house at night. She is very attached to me and my son. My husband she likes to harrass. Not sure why but she chases after him...its to funny!! She does the same with the dog. I guess its a game to her. Sounds like you have a great pet goose/gander. You will have lots of fun with him/her(-:

Brenda Kula said...

Well, that's a good tip. That's why I don't feed the hummingbirds. The atrocious ants! Lovely photo of the bird, in my very fav color: yellow!


thanks for the tip on keeping ants from the feeder! have fun on your vacation

Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey Cindee! I'm so glad you stopped by my place for a visit!
LOVE the photos of the Oriole... how awesome is that! I've never seen one in person- they're not known to be in this area... but I did read somewhere once that if you put out orange slices for them, they will come and eat! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Hope you have a wonderful vacations. Home vacations are the best I think.
Come back and visit me again soon!!