Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fAcEs On A tReE

Yesterday while I was outside looking around I thought what a fun idea it would be to take pictures of the tree faces and post them on the blog. Does anyone else collect tree faces? I think they are funny. Everyone comments that sees them on the trees. Some are scary and some are silly but they all add a certain character to each tree. The first one I ever got was a Halloween tree face that glowed in the dark. That was over five years ago and its still hanging on the tree. I left it up after Halloween because I enjoyed seeing it glow after dark. It still glows in the dark too. What a kick! The pirate lost his nose in the wind last winter. I looked everywhere for it but I can't seem to locate it yet. I continue to look but meantime I gave him a piece of a pine cone for a nose.


Jamie said...

So cute. Whimsical. I think they're great. I saw some on clearance a Menard's store closing, but I didn't get them. The last time I hung a squirrel feeder on the the only established trees (willows) on our lot there was rot underneath and we lost a huge branch on the tree?

If I had more trees, I'd have faces though. Yours are great!

cindee said...

Hi Jamie,
I guess it's to hot and dry here to cause the trees to rot. We don't seem to have any problems here. Thanks for taking the time to comment(-:

Brenda Kula said...

You, my dear, have a brand new look! How creative and whimsical. I am truly impressed. Did you actually do this design yourself? I am gifted in some areas, but sadly, blog design/technology is not one of them. You're signed up for the giveaway for sure!

cindee said...

Hi Brenda,
Yup a brand new look for me. I got the template at and made my own banner out of a picture I took last year of a rainbow(-: I had to tweak the template a tad bit to work for me but thats about it. I know html but some of the new stuff like templates are mind boggling to me. But I really enjoy working on webpages and my blog(-: Its a challenge. It also makes me more motivated when someone says it can't be done...(-: Thanks for signing me up in your contest. I am checking out the blog at the french garden house...awesome stuff there(-: said...

This is so clever and I love your new blog look!!!! Wow! You did great with the blog and the trees.

cindee said...

Thanks Anna,
I had fun working on the blog last night till (-: