Friday, May 2, 2008

Calycanthus, Semps and More

This shrub has an interesting look and smell. It grows well in my zone 9 area too, requiring little care(-:

This old chair I painted up and planted with Semps and Thyme. A little ceramic bunny keeps a watchful eye on everything!

The old coffee pot holds a Ponytail grass. I love how the grass sways in the slightest breeze.

Lambs Ears are another one of my favorite filler-inners for the garden! They just looks so soft and pretty.


Pam/Digging said...

I love your coffeepot planter filled with Mexican feathergrass (ponytail grass). I adore lamb's ear too, but unfortunately I always kill it.

Keith said...

I do not have a yard. Your blog reminds me why I need to make it a priority

Anna said...

Love the chair! And every time I come here--I steal and idea. I've got the best Goodwill store close by and they always have good looking stuff to make in to planters. I want to do a Lambs Ear planter too.

I looked at the necklace you posted on my Hoe display. I was going to buy it--but it said sold out already--boo hiss. That was just too clever. Cindee, you really do have a good eye and touch with things. I'm so impressed. I love coming here. Seems like you are a good coach for me. I do something and then you fine tune it---I like that.

cindee said...

Thanks Anna that is a really nice compliment. I just love creating fun stuff for the garden. I enjoy your blog too(-: You have a beautiful new home! I didn't notice the necklace being sold out. I saw that a while back and bookmarked the site. I think that person makes them so if you wanted one maybe you could email her and ask if she could make another one. It is a cute!(-:

Jamie said...

I love your chair planter. I found an old antique rocker for $4 at a yard sale, and I haven't been brave enough to make something of it yet. Any tips?


cindee said...

The seat in my chair was missing so I just put one of those old enamelware bowls in where the seat would be. I filled it with soil and planted it up with succulents. It's been sitting there for about three years now.

tina said...

Does your sweetshrub smell like pineapples? Mine does a little. I will be doing an interesting posting on it. Glad it grows there in California. You are fairly cool there?

cindee said...

Hi Tina,
It doesn't really smell like pineapple not sure what it smells like. (-: It is not that cool here in the can get in to the triple digits. Thanks for your interest(-: