Sunday, May 18, 2008

BlOoMiN CaCtUs

This is part of my Tipsy Buckets planter. I planted this last summer and I have never seen them bloom! I thought it was a very cheerful Monday morning picture(-: I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will because I only have 13 days of school left and then I will be off for summer break! Yup I am happy!!!(-:

***Last night someone dumped off two roosters on our road. It was so sad. They were just sitting there in the dark. My son saw them when he was leaving and called to tell me. My husband and I drove up to the road and caught the two guys and brought them home. It was pretty funny. Imagine us trying to grab two roosters in the dark with a flashlight! Anyhow, they are safe now. So far the girls don't seem to


Pam/Digging said...

Your cactus planter is beautiful! I love that orange and blue-green combination.

Lin said...

Beautiful bloom on the cactus! I have a section of cactus in my yard and they're so pretty when they're flowering.

Glad you rescued the roosters...I don't "get" people who dump animals like that. Once in a while we find animals, usually cats -- hopefully, before the coyotes -- that some fool has "set free". We take them to a local rescue group.

Outer Banks Mom said...

Poor little roos! Oh my :/ I love your cactus. Those are amazing!

Brenda Hyde said...

I LOVE that cactus...what incredible blooms! I'm a stray cat magnet, but I've never found stray chickens. How kind of you to care for bad of someone to drop them off!

cindee said...

This is the first time the cactus hass bloomed so I am as excited to see it as everyone else is(-: It looks so bright and cheery.
The Roos are getting use to their new girlfriends(-: They have 21 so they will be busy. I just hope they don't become mean and hurtful. Then I will have to find new homes for them. We had a white leghorn rooster one time that was the sweetest bird. I just loved him but he developed an ear problem and had to be put down)-: It was a sad day. Since then we haven't really had a nice rooster. They get mean and spur me and thats when they find a new home. Those spurs don't feel good. For some reason the country is the dumping ground for all unwanted animals. Its so sad. We always find something. I usually take the dogs/cats to the animal rescue but if its a chicken or duck etc I will keep it as long as it gets along.(-:

Jamie said...

Aww... those roosters are cute, and I'm glad you were able to rescue them. Funny story!

The cactus planter is great, too. Do you have to bring it inside in your climate or no?

Beautiful orange flowers!

cindee said...

The cactus stays out all year around. It gets down in the 20's at the coldest usually. It has gone into the teens a few times but that is rare for here.
The roos continue to blend in. Everyone is excepting them as part of their little family(-:

Anna said...

I may change to succulants in my tipsy pots--they are already driving me nuts watering. I love your blooms. The Roo boys are sure sticking together. I wonder if they were mistreated before. People are so thoughtless. They sure are white. I think they look like city boys.

cindee said...

The succulents do so well in the tipsy pots. No need to water 10 times a day(-: I got tired of that the first year I did them. Even when I did water all the time they still dried up. So now I just fill them with sedums/rat tail cactus/semps etc. They do so well.
I just tucked the "girls" and the "boys" in for the night...the poor boys have to sit on the ground in the corner of the house. The girls rule the roost I