Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's a Person to do with all those extra Bones?

Cow bones that is.
Hip/Pelvis bones (ilium, ischium for you aggies)in particular!
We live where there are range cows. They of course pass on quite regularly. Their bones are left in a "bone yard" type place. I wont even go into why I don't really care if they die.(-: I do care, but that would be another story for my blog...(-:
Just picture a cow smorgasbord and a herd of cows...Fences are "open doors" to cattle. They love this place. It gets a four star rating!
Anyhow, I thought, what could I do with them? Well this is one way I came up with.


garden girl said...

Cindee, I remember visiting my grandparents' farm when I was a little girl. They had no cattle, but the neighboring cows just invited themselves over to my grandparents' farm to drop cow pies all over the place. I remember taking walks with Grandma and getting quite good at dodging the pies.

Grandma's apple pie smelled much better.

cindee said...

Cow pies are just one of the lovely little gifts the cows leave in the yard(-: I guess that is my gift from them trampling everything they did not eat. One day on a walk there was a cow pie that was ran over by an ATV. It looked just like a waffle. It was so funny!