Friday, April 25, 2008

Scentimental Rose & Unknown Name Rose

I think this rose is just beautiful. I really enjoy it when it blooms. The fragrance is very strong. The flowers are shaped nicely too.Striped Roses are one of my favorite types.

The next rose is an unknown to me. It was given to me by a woman who moved to California in the 30's and carried a start of the rose bush with her. She gave me a piece to start about 20 years ago and when I moved to my new home I took a piece of that plant to start in my new garden. I have also given many starts to friends over the years. So I guess its a real heirloom rose.(-: Anyhow heres the picture.

I also have a few other varieties of striped roses that are not blooming yet.
Update new pictures 4/29

4th of July Mini

Fall Festival

Another Fall Festival


Lin in southern California said...

Really pretty roses! I should try one...though I may have to talk DH into it. A few years ago, we decreased the number of roses...trying to get the gardening down a bit (removed the oldest ones). Only have about a dozen or so now.

Do you have a lot of roses?

cindee said...

Hi Lin,
Yikes yes I do have a lot of roses. (-: I love them. I probably have about a 90. That includes about 20 iceberg roses that grow along my driveway.

Sheila said...

I too grow Scentimental and it is one of my favorite roses although I am not typically crazy about striped roses, there is just something about this one that entices me every time.

Lin said...

90 roses...that is a lot! You must have a good size property?

I've gone more to CA natives and Mediterranean-type plants...lower water needs (big issue in southern CA), but still with a lot of color. said...

Those are gorgeous, I haven't seen those before. My neighbor has a variety that's half red and half white and they have huge flowers but they don't have the lovely stripes.

cindee said...

I took some pictures of my other striped roses and I added them to this post. One is Fall Festival its yellow/red and one is 4th of July its a mini that grows like crazy. I have them mixed in with other plants and they seem to grow just fine.